Wes and I were shopping at Costco on Saturday….

(Hold on a minute.  Doesn’t that just sound so adult?  Like something we do all the time?  Because we are down with buying in bulk and totally blasé about the whole thing now?  In reality, this was our fourth trip.  The first three trips we took together after getting our membership were spent having Wes show me around and having me try to cope with doing math and deal with impatient crowds simultaneously)

…and we happened to be there at the same time as Sig Hansen of Deadliest Catch fame.  Sig’s a minor celebrity in Seattle, because that happens to be where he lives when he’s not motoring across the Bering Sea in search of crab.  I hear tell he’s even raised the flag at a few Seahawks games.

Wes and I recently started watching Deadliest Catch and like it pretty well.  Before I’d seen the show, I’d had no idea how they were going to stretch a bunch of guys going fishing into a whole show, but I think they do a good job.  The show’s worth watching if for no other reason than that’s the only place you’re ever likely to see weather like that.

Anyway, Wes and I complete our shopping and, while we’re rolling our 2,000 lb shopping cart full of good bargains out the door, Wes asks if I can handle the cart so he can dash over to snap a picture of Sig.  I acquiesce and stand outside waiting for Wes to return.

Now, I fully admit to thinking it’s interesting to see someone from TV live and in the flesh.  I do not, however, think that all celebrities are created equal.  I mean, I’m sure Sig’s an interesting guy with some fun stories, but do I want to make it a point to walk up to him and shower him with my adulation and thanks?  No, I do not.

Why?  Because the guy’s just doing his job, man.  He’s not saving lives (unless you count bringing his crew inside during storms), he’s catching crab.  Would I go out for drinks with the guy?  Absolutely.  Would I stand in line for hours to get his autograph so I can say I’ve met him in person?  Nope.

There are, however, some celebrities I would love to meet in person.  Above all I’d love to take them out to dinner so I can ask them questions and enjoy their company, but shoot, I’d even settle for a lowly photo op with them.  Here’s my list:

  • Jennifer Lancaster.  I would take this woman out for drinks in a heartbeat.  A perfect day would be spent taking her dogs for a walk together, watching trashy television, then eating too much food and drinking too much wine before watching the Big Lebowski.
  • Matthew Bellamy.  I would pay good money to listen to him play piano live, and then come out for drinks and a rousing discussion about space exploration and revolution.  Ideally, I’d be fantastically rich and he’d come play piano for me in my parlor, after which a butler would serve us drinks on the veranda while he showed Wes a few cool new guitar tricks.

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, or maybe I just lack imagination, but I can’t think of anyone else I’d seriously love to meet in person.  What about you?  Who would you love to meet?  Maybe I can crib from your list…

8 thoughts on “Celebrity

  1. Sig is my favorite of the Captains. He can be a real bastard when it’s warranted, but overall he seems to be a decent guy. There’s some stuff that happened last season and this season that cemented that opinion (I won’t give it away since I don’t know how many seasons in you’ve gotten).

    So, where’s the picture? Come on now!

    As for who I’d like to hang out with (since hanging out is much better than meeting someone in a line of thousands)? Duh, you! (/sucking up) Mike Rowe (though I’m afraid he wouldn’t be as cool/funny off camera), Duff and the gang at Charm City Cakes from Ace Of Cakes (though I’m afraid I wouldn’t be cool enough for them), and that’s where I get stuck.

  2. I want to meet Nathan Fillion from Firefly (and Serenity) which, if you haven’t seen either, you need to run out and BUY them right now and watch them all in one sitting, because they are the best show and movie ever made ever.

    I would also like to have coffee with Rainn Wilson.

  3. -Blanche, Wes has the picture on his cell phone :) Sig is definitely fun to watch, mean at times but not often needlessly so. Edgar is a hoot, though! I would love to meet you too! We could drink margaritas and watch our babies play together!

    -Jennifer, I LOVE FIREFLY!!! Wes and I even briefly considered naming Aidan Mal because we love that show so much :) Good call with Rainn Wilson, do you think hje’s as odd in real life as he is on the Office?

  4. I think I could totally hang out with Anne Hathaway, because she seems relatively down-to-earth despite being an actress and all that.

    Also Ryan Reynolds. Do you think he’d let me lick his abs in real life? Or do I have to keep imagining that part?

  5. -Brooke, ROFL about licking Ryan Reynolds’ abs. I don’t think you’re the only one who’d love to do this!

  6. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that on their birthday EVERYONE is a celebrity…

    T’were that the case, I would want to meet YOU today.

    Happy birthday! You’re outed!

  7. -dc, LOL You totally DID out me! Scoundrel! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

    -Brooke, Thank you! I tried to fly under the radar, but I was confounded!

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