Cell Phone Deprivation Therapy

Thanks to an unforeseen error on the part of the company that shipped us our new cell phones (they sent me the wrong phone), I have been deprived of a working cell phone for exactly a week.

One. Whole. Week.

Things I have learned this week:

  • My drive to and from work is a lot longer if I don’t spend it talking to people
  • Wes and I have a lot of conversations throughout the day that help break up my stress. I miss those, even though the conversations don’t tend to be terribly momentous
  • I feel a lot less accessible, and a bit isolated
  • In the absense of a phone, I will check my emails four times as often
  • I’m a teensy bit more patient when I have stuff I need to talk to Wes about because I no longer have the ability to call him the minute I think of something

We just learned today that it could be another two weeks before my new phone gets here and I must admit, that thought leaves me winded. Jimminy freaking cricket! I have not been without a cell phone for this long since I was twelve. Not even when we were in Israel was I without a cell phone for this long.

Every time someone wants to call me, they have to call Wes’ phone! This is all well and good, except he actually uses it for his job so shared custody is tenuous at best.

In looking at it for a second, I am reminded that my cell phone absense comes in the middle of the time I have set aside for NaNoWriMo. Perhaps this is the Universe’s way of telling me to be less distracted and get back to work on my novel! Well, I would hate for the Universe to start using stronger tactics, so I’ll take the hint and keep typing, just in a different place.

I cracked 35,000 words this morning, though, so the end is dimly in sight. I have over 70 pages written (by Microsoft Word’s reckoning) and my brain continues to burst with new ideas. Wish me luck as I continue typing my little face off and ignorng the calls and voicemails I can’t access!

2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Deprivation Therapy

  1. Seriously… 35,000 words… so many… I’m just at about 25k, though I didn’t write last weekend. My other buddy that I forced to sign up is at about 7500… hopefully he just hasn’t updated in awhile.

    Remind me to send you a list of must-read blogs and message boards about editing, submission, agents, and publishers before you even THINK about doing something with your 100,000 word opus.

  2. -Anon, done and done, my friend! How very kind of you to offer up resources to read before pursuing publication! I must admit, the idea of trying to get published has been playing around the edges of my mind ever since I started this novel! Good luck to you, and to your friend as well. 25K is halfway there so you’re ahead of schedule!!!

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