Change of Plans

Children are the great game changers. There’s an old saying: If you want to make God laugh, make plans.

I’d like to amend that to say: If you want to help your children learn adorable sabotage, make plans.

There are very few plans I’ve made in the two years since Aidan joined our family that he hasn’t tried to derail in some way. Like, for example, the day he was born.

He was born on his due date, which happened to be a Wednesday. I figured he had a really small chance of being born on his due date (like, only a 5% chance) so I made some plans. I was on maternity leave and figured it was the one day I could count on him to not be born, so why not make plans to meet my friend for lunch?

And then BAM! I woke up that morning at 3:30 am with contractions. NO LUNCH FOR ME.

Another example is the writer’s conference I went to. It was the first time in his whole 1.5 years of life that I was planning to be away for a couple days. I made plans to have family members take care of him, and then I eagerly anticipated getting to mingle and network and learn and feed only myself.

Sure enough, the day before the conference Aidan threw up all over the patio. It later turned out he was just fine, but I still stayed home from the conference the next day because a sick baby needs his mama.

Or, for yet another example, the vacation Wes and I took last year. It was the first vacation we’d taken in two years and we knew it was likely the last chance we’d have to get away for another couple years.

Wouldn’t you know it? Aidan got sick the day before we left, and got me sick too to boot. Wes’s poor mom had the dubious pleasure of caring for our sick baby, and I had the dubious pleasure of sneezing my way through Victoria, BC.

And now we have Tiny Baby, the latest addition to the Mitchell family. Tiny Baby has decided to differentiate him/herself from Aidan by making my pregnancy chock full of thrills and mysteries. One of these mysteries necessitates me having to take it easy for the rest of my pregnancy, which means yet another change in plans: No exercising.

I’d been planning to keep walking on the treadmill throughout my pregnancy, and maybe start reincorporating some weight training once I got through the first trimester, but no dice.

This’ll just make it even more satisfying to lose the baby weight, right? It’s always more fun to have even more work to do, right?

Sigh. Still, I have cute babies so it’s worth it. And soon I’ll have all kinds of cute baby weight to lose, too!

4 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. -Jennifer, Nope, my activity levels don’t seem to make much of a difference. I’m just under advisement to “Take it easy” which, to me, means “Get your exercise from child wrangling and housewifery.”

  2. Oh Noes! Tiny Baby, take it easy on your momma!

    Sorry to hear you’re having some unexpected issues arising. :( But hey… it’s just weight. You’ve proved you can take it off in the past and you’ll do it again.

  3. -Txtingmrdarcy, Thanks for the condolences, and yes, you’re totally right. It’s just weight, I shucked it once and I can do it again. Still, I’m not looking forward to seeing how weak I am when I get back to the gym later this year. It’ll be like a T-Rex trying to do a push-up.

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