Chick Flicked

No word yet from the people who brought their parents over to our house a couple days ago. I’m not sure yet what to think. Maybe their parents hated our house and thought it was just too gosh-darn sunny and tasteful for their liking. Maybe the buyers figured out the mortgage they’d be looking at and keeled over in shock. Who knows? It’s too soon to write them off for sure but it’s been long enough now that the chances of these people buying our house is slim. Aw, shucks!

Life is not completely gloom and doom, however, as I did have the opportunity to get out for a spot of fun last night. I met a friend for dinner and a movie and had a delightfully fun time. We saw Sex and the City and, I have to say, it was possibly the most girly experience I’ve ever had.

If you were able to extract the girliness from every bridal shower, baby shower, and shopping excursion, turn it into a paste, and then roll around in it, that’s about what this movie experience amounts to. It. Was. Awesome. Imagine a whole sea of women emoting together (lots of Awws when something was romantic, shocked gasps when someone said the wrong thing, etc.) and you get the general idea.

Upon exiting, I did see two guys in the audience and both looked like they were going to be sick. In fact, I’m pretty sure all the estrogen in the room may have made them sterile. Personally, I think it’s a tad cruel to bring your boyfriend/husband to see the movie. The film doesn’t even attempt to bring in anything that might be of interest to men, so unless you’re involved with someone who appreciates good shoe I’d recommend letting him stay home and play Xbox. If you’re a woman, however, grab a girlfriend and go see this because it’s just a big pile of fun.

For the male readers out there, please feel free to direct the women-folk in your life to this blog post if they ask you to go see the film. Seriously, we’re talking months-worth of damage to your masculinity if you go see this movie, not to mention the psychic pain of enduring what is essentially 2 1/2 hours of girl-talk. Honestly, because I care about you, run, don’t walk away from that movie. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Chick Flicked

  1. Funnily enough, before I reached the last paragraph of your post I was already thinking I should send her this post…

    Luckily she’s not a huge SATC fan, and in addition she was subjected to a 4 hour recount of the 2.5 hour film, so she feels she knows it already.

  2. -Dane, I’m happy I could be of service almost :) I’m curious about how anyone could stretch out the recount to 4 hours. Unless the recounter detailed every show and dress, the movie really didn;t cover a ton of ground plot-wise…

  3. I may tend towards hyperbole in the duration of certain events for the sake of illustration…but never histrionics.

    I emailed Wes a question for you a few days ago because I don’t have an email address for you… I’m not sure you received it. Could you drop me a line if you get a chance? Wes has the relevant dots and coms.

  4. -Dane, way to throw down the $4 words, bro. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some histrionics from you, though not in regards to event durations. Wes forwarded your email to me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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