The Church Crowd

I don’t know why, but it always seems to happen that April is one of our busiest months of the year. In a good way. But still, so busy!

In between birthday parties and other uxorious activities, Wes found the time and childcare to take me out for dinner and a movie. This is noteworthy because this was our first dinner-and-a-movie date since my birthday. Which was in May of last year.

We had a fantastic time eating dinner at an Italian restaurant, where our waiter was hysterical and more than happy to crack inappropriate jokes with us. Wes has a special kinship with waiters, as he worked in the food service industry for seven years. That’s actually how we met, when he was just my hot waiter and I was just the jail-bait chick making doe-eyes at him from one of his tables.

Anyway, as we’re getting ready to leave our waiter told us that we were his best table of the night. I replied, “I bet you say that to all your tables.” He refuted this strenuously.

According to him, and later corroborated with my husband, Sundays are the worst days to work in restaurants because of the church crowd. Apparently my fellow Christians suck as restaurant patrons. Bad tipping, demanding, discourteous, and inconsiderate.

Wes said that, during his days at Red Robin, he would recognize some of the people sitting as his tables and acting like jerks from the church we go to. How sad is that?! He even said some of them left Bible tracts in lieu of tips, leaving notes that they were giving him something more valuable than money.

I am a huge fan of the Bible, but that kind of behavior really ticks me off. What a bad example to set for people! I doubt any waiter or waitress who’s gotten stiffed for a tip is thinking charitably about the patrons who stiffed them, and if you then try to┬áproselytize? What do you think will happen, other than that they’ll think Jesus is a jerk because the people who believe in Him are inconsiderate cheapskates!

Maybe I’m overreacting. Regardless, I don’t think my opinion is unwarranted. It is embarrassing when people judge what you believe, and then you later come to find out that their judgment is completely justified because there are some people who share your faith and act like jerks in restaurants.

So I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be a jerk. Don’t put a Jesus bumper sticker on your car and then cut people off. Don’t go to a restaurant after church and then mistreat the waiter.

I just feel like Christians should be the most awesome people out there. That they should be associated with random acts of kindness, generosity, considerateness, and awesomeness. If we’re representing what Christ has done in our lives, people should see that as extraordinary love, patience, and joy, not stinginess and rudeness.

4 thoughts on “The Church Crowd

  1. Preach it, sister. Tracks instead of tips? That’s terrible! Let’s go out for Mexican right now and leave a huge tip

  2. -Jennifer, That actually happened to Wes one time, a guy left him a track instead of a tip. He says it’s a good thing he was already a Christian at that point or he may have been turned off the concept entirely. I WISH we could go out for Mexican!

  3. I seriously dislike pushy Christians. As for leaving a tract instead of a tip – you may not be able to take it with you, but it surely helps to have it while you’re here.

    In sum, I don’t think you are overreacting.

    Plus, you managed to slip in a how we met story in one line. I will both applaud your brevity and demand more!

  4. -Blanche, I just feel like if you’re trying to persuade anyone to your point of view, be it political, religious, or whatever, you should start by being the kind of person people want to listen to. Being a pushy jerk rarely convinced people. I haven’t explained yet how Wes and I met?! Goodness! That i something we will have to remedy!

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