The Creepy Stalker Song!

I know I know, I’m a bad blogger.  I didn’t blog last night!  I always get such tremedous guilt when I neglect my blog for a day.  I imagine my beloved readers clicking over here, hoping for some inanity, and instead getting nothing but yesterday’s news.  Sorry about that.  Wes and I had to run to the store for some lettuce (don’t ask), and then there was laundry to fold and dinner to help with and a puppy to feed and before I knew it Wes and I were relaxing on the couch and I didn’t want to get up.

This means that you get two posts today!  Woo hoo!  Maybe.  If you’re into that kind of thing.  If not, just pretend this post went up last night and everybody wins, savvy?

The topic for this post was inspired by a song I heard this morning.  It’s always struck me as a really strange song, one that is completely creepy but doesn’t sound like it at all.  It’s one of those songs you sing along to until you realize what you’re singing and then you stop because oh my gosh I don’t really agree with that at all oops.

If you’re familiar at all with Death Cab for Cutie, a lot of their songs are like that.  I have their album “Plans” and it’s all very pretty until you read the lyrics, which are predominantly tragic.  That’s ok, though.  I like the album well enough anyway.

The song that was playing this morning, “I Will Possess Your Heart”, just strikes me as vaguely menacing.  Like it’s being sung by some desperate guy who will resort to drugging you if necessary.  The song is couched in some eloquent lyrics, however, so the menace is tough to spot.  Like a dirty syringe hiding in a stuffed bear.   Let’s explore the lyrics together, with commentary provided by me:

How I wish you could see the potential

The potential of you and me

It’s like a book elegantly bound

But in a language that you can’t read just yet (Awe, see?  This is pretty!  You’d never suspect this was going to go completely off the rails, would you?)


You gotta spend some time, love

You gotta send some time with me

And I know that you’ll find love

I will possess your heart (Ok, now I’m thinking I’ll need to take out a restraining order if we ever break up)

(End chorus)

There are days when outside your window

I see my reflection as I slowly pass (Gee, there’s nothing like getting serenaded by a stalker)

And I long for this mirror perspective

When we’ll be lovers, lovers at last (It never even occurs to him that I’m just not interested.  It’s clear he’ll soon deem roofies to be in order)

You reject my advances and desperate pleas (Well, yeah.  You stalk me, talk about possessing me, and ominously decree that we’ll be lovers someday.  You’re darn right I’m gonna reject you, you controlling psycho)

I won’t let you let me down so easily (Oh, is that a fact?  Then I guess it’s no coincidence I’m sleeping with a shotgun under my pillow)

Ok guys, what do you think?  Creepy or cute?

8 thoughts on “The Creepy Stalker Song!

  1. I have that album! Got sucked in by “Into the Dark” or whatever the heck that song is called and then listened to the album until I got tired of being morose and depressed. Wait, is that possible to get tired of being depressed? But I digress…

    Definitely creepy, but so smooth you don’t realize it. Kind of like Edward in Twilight.

  2. -Blanche, You’re hilarious, that’s exactly what I was thinking! This song is totally the Edward-type, who watches you sleep and you think it’s sweet until you realize DEAR GOODNESS THAT’S CREEPY.

  3. I think this one comes in somewhere on this list of creept stalker songs :)

    1. Escape – Enrique Iglesias
    2. One Way Or Another – Blondie
    3. Every Breath You Take – Police
    4. Invisible – Clay Aiken
    5. Infatuation – Rod Stewart
    6. Spooky – Classics IV
    7. Can’t Stand Losing You – Police
    8. 96 Tears – ? and the Mysterians
    9. I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick
    10. Can’t Get Used To Losing You – Andy Williams

  4. -Wesley, I’ve always thought that Blondie song was creepy as heck, but it’s so darn catchy you’re almost wwilling to overlook that sad fact! What’s sad is I think a lot of those are used commonly in weddings…

  5. I feel that ‘Narrow Stairs, has been DCFC’s weakest album. I have been a fan fow a while now and felt it just sucked. Now they released an EP,’The Open Door’, a few months back and that is pretty good. But their earlier stuff is way better, especially ‘Transatlanctism’

  6. -EdgellACE, Huh, interesting. I’ve heard Transatlanticism was good, but not much about their newer stuff.

  7. Once they hit mainstream/ major label deal it has been a gradual decline. Sad really, but I imagine the record company demands so many albums within so much time, and thus results in crap. Yes, check out Transatlanticism and Something About Airplanes…my faves.

  8. -EdgellACE, I will definitely check it out, thanks for the recommendation! Like I said, I think the song writer has an eloquent way with words, I just think it’s probable he’s a freaking psycho.

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