Crickets Don’t Bother Me

So, I’m not gonna lie: The Meet the Author event wasn’t exactly a runaway success. It wasn’t even a little success. It was a crickets-chirping-in-an-empty-room dud.

Surprisingly, I was okay with it. I mean, you know, it would have been great if people had shown up, but I figured no one would. I mean, no one knows who I am. My book just came out a few months ago and few people have read it. It is entirely realistic that no one will come to meet me yet.

There was one person who came to the event, though; a good friend of mine I took out for drinks afterward. She does wildlife photography and is well familiar with the travails of the obscure artist.

Anyway, we sat in the sunshine and enjoyed some wine and it ended up being a lovely evening. Just goes to show you that a good friend can turn almost anything into something positive.

6 thoughts on “Crickets Don’t Bother Me

  1. I would have come except for the whole being cross-country & my transporter on the fritz thing.

    Come the time you’re famous & raking in the big bucks people are going to be kicking themselves for not going, just like I still do for skipping the concert they had had at my college when “I Believe” from ‘Blessid Union of Souls’ went up the charts.

  2. Wait. Does that make sense? I didn’t go to the concert, then the next week, the song went crazy on the radio. Cue kicking myself.

  3. You are living the dream of millions of people, don’t sweat it.

  4. The fact that we are totally across the country really cramps my style with coming to your readings. You should tour with The Bloggess or something. ;)

  5. -Greg, Consider it not sweated ;)

    -Brooke, Ha! I’m pretty certain all my pearl clutching would tire The Bloggess something fierce.

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