Cue the Wee Violins

I traditionally aim for one new experience every day and today definitely qualifies: For the very first time today, I got laid off.

I thought my post yesterday was just going to amount to nothing more than typical Erika-style freaking-out-for-no-reason but reality, it seems, is being shovelled out with a twist today. My boss called me this morning to inform me that the funding source that pays for my work has been depleted and, as such, they can no longer afford to pay for my services.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is what we like to call a Grade A kiss-off.

I guess I can now be counted among the thousands of other people who have been laid off, and am the newest member of the “Casualties of the 2008 Economic Recession” club. The only thing to do now is to a) Not start drinking at 9AM and b) Sass up my resume in the hopes of landing another job.

I can think of few things more awesome than looking for a job during a time when the competition for each job is exponentially worse than it’s ever been during my lifetime. Wish me luck, everyone, I’m going in.

5 thoughts on “Cue the Wee Violins

  1. What a sucky feeling it is to be laid off without expecting it. It’s also sucky when you are expecting it and it’s not because of something you did (or didn’t do) but forces outside your control.

    I think you need a pan of brownies to dull the pain. It won’t magically fix it, but you’ll at least have a happy tummy while you start the search for the next (even better) position.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you got laid off. That is an icky feeling. I wasn’t quite laid off in May, but I may as well have been. I went on a wee vacation because Tim came home, and when I came back they said they had no shifts for me because of their budget…so I was jobless for three months. It was no fun.

  3. -Mrs. Higrens, Yeah, sucky is exactly how I’m feeling at the moment. I appreciate your optimism about the next position, though, it brightens the situation. I think you’re spot-on with the brownies suggestion. I think I’m gonna go dunk my head in a martini and only come up for air and brownies.

    -Del, I remember that. Stupid companies and their stupid stupid-ness. Thanks for your camaraderie.

  4. I’m sorry to hear it. I wish I could say you’re my first, or even fourth, friend to feel the effect of this economy like that. Should I do the silver lining stuff?

    a) A bit of time/motivation to work on that novel or other freelance writing projects. Just remember: a novel pays 2-3 years from now, magazines, anthologies and others pay NOW.

    b) Although competition is fierce, you have not only worked in HR, you blogged for a young job-seeker oriented website. If anyone is in a good position to put their best foot forward, it’s you.

    c) You still have the other job! Right? Or, if you don’t, now I feel awful and my foot tastes even worse.

    Otherwise, sorry to hear it. Just know that it has nothing to do with you, quite obviously you’re super awesome. And when you apply other places, they’ll all know it too.

  5. -Dane, Your silver lining is well-placed and expertly executed. You brought a smile to my face, which is not easy to do today, so thanks a bunch! It’s super-important to remember the good things in every situation, so don’t worry about your foot, it’s nowhere near your mouth :)

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