Cutting a Rug

I love watching people dance.  Ballet, tap, hip-hop, breakdancing, ballroom, I really don’t care as long as the person’s decent.  I was on a huge Dancing With the Stars kick for awhile there, and because I was freshly postpartum and breastfeeding I spent a goodly portion of my viewing time crying.

I used to watch the Classical Arts Showcase (I’m not sure if they have that in your area. It was on channel 80-something and was 24 hours a day of classical arts programming. Operas, ballets, that kind of thing) and look forward to the ballets.  I still enjoy dance movies like Save the Last Dance and Center Stage.  I just like watching people dance, and as long as the storyline’s not too hideous I guess I’m not too picky.

Anyway, that was 100+ words all to lead up to my new thing, which is called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.  It’s only on Hulu (which, if you don’t know what Hulu is, it’s only TV on the Internet, which is to say it’s awesome), and it’s essentially a story broken into short episodes.  I’ve watched a few episodes, and from what I can glean, there are bad guys and good guys.

The story’s not the important part, though.  What’s important is the dancing.  The dancing is incredible!  I’ve seen three episodes, and each episode features dancers who can do extraordinary things (hence the name I guess).  They have a guy who can do The Robot in such a way that he barely even looks human, and breakdancers who do things I had no idea a human body could do without benefit of wires and pulleys.

Definitely check it out if you want a short break and find yourself on the computer with some spare time.  If you hate it, you never have to take a recommendation from me again.

Inspired by all that dancing, I rented a few workout DVD’s and tried one of them out yesterday.  It was, and I quote, a “Fat Blasting Dance Workout” and I’m fairly certain the only thing that got blasted was my self esteem.  They just go so freaking fast through the instructions, how is a barely coordinated, long-limbed, rarely mobile person like myself supposed to keep up?

There was one move I mastered, however, which involved throwing both my hands in the air.  You better believe I mastered that one.

It looked a lot like this, only I was bigger.

It looked a lot like this, only I was bigger.

All this to say, you won’t be seeing me on featured among The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers any time soon.  I’m good at a lot of things, but my rug cutting abilities are only extraordinary in that they are exceptionally clumsy and funny-looking.

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