A Day In the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Have you ever had one of those days where you worked your tail off and ran around like a crazy person all day, and then when someone asked you what you did that day it all came out sounding like not very much at all?  I kind of feel like that’s every day of being a stay at home mom.

I mean, a typical day looks a lot like this:

  • Baby wakes me up via talking sounds over the monitor.  Walk into nursery to find Aidan smiling and talking to the flying koopa above his crib.
  • Change baby, get dressed, make bed, make breakfast, then feed baby while eating breakfast.  Wipe crumbs off his head.
  • Play with baby for about an hour.  This entails tummy time, reading books, going for walks, staring at the ceiling, running errands, cleaning the house, laundry, etc.
  • First nap time, which can and will only ever happen in my arms.  I spend this hour holding the baby with one hand, reading and not commenting on blogs with my other hand (I hate one-handed typing!).
  • Baby wakes up, change baby, feed baby, play time!
  • Second nap, which can and will only ever happen in his swing.  During this hour I clock into work for what I hope will be a solid uninterrupted hour of working time.  This rarely happens, but I still hope for it every day.
  • Change and feed awake baby, make dinner, welcome husband home, eatdinnerwatchTVfeedbabyputbabytobedshowerbedtimeforme (evenings always go by in a blur).

So, obviously I don’t do nothing.  Why, then, do I never have a response when people ask me what I do all day?  I guess I could say, “I kept a tiny human alive and ran my household like a rock star” but that would probably only result in even more strange looks from those who are silly enough to ask me that question.

Clearly the only people who would ask a stay at home what she does all day are people who have never had babies…

5 thoughts on “A Day In the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

  1. LOL’ed at “Wipe crumbs off his head.” (Actually, more like snickered softly as my boss is currently in the office.)

    So, I guess I’m in trouble if there’s only an hour or so for errands since it takes at least 12 minutes to get to the closest grocery store (and double that to Target). That, or I need to hope for an able to sleep anywhere-er. :)

  2. Thanks for posting this, I think most people really don’t realize how much work it is to raise a little person!

    As for people asking only if they haven’t had a baby; I think some people also ask because they need a glimpse into a life that’s different from the typical work-day grind. You’re definitely still working, but not answering to some boss might sound pretty nice to those who do.

    (Thanks for blogging, btw! I’m a random OBM with my own blog >.< )

  3. -Blanche, Oh just you wait! The first few weeks are ALL about eating one-handed while holding the baby. I’ve dropped pepperoni (not hot) on him, part of an enchilada, a blueberry, some maple syrup…Don’t worry about the errands thing! I was freaked out about fitting errands into his tiny awake periods until I realized he’ll fall asleep in the car if he needs to.

    -Cheryl, No worries! It could just be innocent curiosity, I suppose. That’s definitely the more charitable way to look at the question! I would say, however, that I do answer to someone. A tiny someone, whose communication skills need help and who routinely makes giant messes in the office ;)

  4. Huh! I agree, working women take a nice, easy 8 hour break! No household mess to clean, no laundry, nothing!
    I so completely agree – my mom never worked all her life and I always felt she did more than any working mom would have done!

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