Definitely Not in Flames

So, the good news is that my plane did not go sailing down in flames over the Pacific ocean.  The bad news is…Well, there isn’t any at this point.  I have had so much fun on this trip so far, and the best part is that the capers started pretty much the minute I got on the plane to California.  Which is where I am now.  Maybe I should have said that first?

I made my first friend getting on the plane.  I flew using Virgin Airlines and if you canuse them I highly recommend it.  There are blacklights!  If you follow my updates on Twitter at all, you’ll notice I remarked that sitting on a plane lit by blacklights is like sitting in the midst of the world’s tamest rave.

Anyway, my first friend.  He was behind me getting on the plane.  I remarked to no one in particular that I liked the blacklights and he replied that he’d flown on Virgin before and that it was a good airline.  His statement was boring, but the wall of gin wafting off his breath definitely wasn’t.  I found my way to my seat and discovered that he was seated directly across the aisle from me.  Sweet!  The only thing that can make a flight better than blacklights is a really drunk guy who’s hitting on women and pounding drinks.

The other nice thing about Virgin Airlines is the touchscreens on the backs of the seats.  You can play games and really annoy the person in front of you by pounding on the back of their headrest the whole flight!  The row I was sitting in organized an anagram tournament and we spent the whole flight playing each other and unscrambling words.

Drunk guy thought he was pretty awesome, but I beat him most of the time.  I had some fun at his expense by refusing to believe him when he said he beat my score.  It drove him bananas.

He wrought his revenge, however, when he dropped his suitcase on my head at the end of the flight.  That felt awesome.

I’ll have to fill you all in on the Great S’mores Debacle of 2009 in my next post.  For now, I will leave you with this admonition: If you get on a plane drunk, and then pound six Gin and Tonics during the flight, and then proceed to hit on every single woman (including the flight attendants!) during said flight, and thenyou get off the plane and call some chick and tell her you’ll come pick her up and that you love her?  I may laugh at you so loud she will hear you and ask you why some maniac is laughing at you so much and you will probably feel embarrassment somewhere in your gin-clouded brain.


2 thoughts on “Definitely Not in Flames

  1. I would have been the party-pooper in your row refusing to participate. Of course, I would have joined in the mocking of stupid drunk guy.

    Hope the rest of your trip is equally as exciting. Apart from the suitcase meeting head part. That does not need to be repeated in any form.

  2. -Blanche, There were a couple women who didn’t want to play, but they still peeked over and handed out advice where they could. The woman next to me was instrumental in my ability to deal with drunk guy. She and I mocked him the whole time, because really, what other choice did we have?

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