Delusions of Capability

For this baby, Wesley’s “push present” (a gift your husband gives you after you have his baby) was two months of housecleaning. Nice, right?!

Well, last week we went on vacation with Wesley’s whole family. All seventeen members of it crammed into a gorgeous luxury vacation home on the eastern side of the state. We spent seven glorious days enjoying new parks, the pool, and eight pairs of helping arms to hold and play with our children.

I returned from vacation encouraged and empowered. After all, if Wes’s siblings could all handle two children (and his mom survived having four children!) then surely I could, too. After all, I’m an experienced stay-at-home mother. I have two and a half years of motherhood under my (wider than normal) belt, two kids is totally do-able!

I started thinking crazy things, like maybe I would have the housecleaners come over on Friday, but then maybe cancel the last two cleanings. Cleaning is kind of my thing, surely I could start incorporating those tasks back into our routine. After all, I’m experienced! I can handle it!

Monday came and went in a frenzy of keeping up with the demands needs of my children. I figured Tuesday would be a little more mellow and I’d see how many opportunities I had to clean. But then Tuesday blew past me too. Try as I might, I just barely had time to use the restroom before someone else needed something.

Wednesday, I thought. Wednesday would be better.

But it wasn’t. Five loads of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, making meals, and feeding/changing the baby kept me hopping until bedtime.

So now here we are at Thursday and I’m SO THRILLED to steal fifteen minutes for myself to write this blog post. But now Aidan’s asking to go to the park, and I resolved to get out of the house with both kids by myself at least once this week, so now I have to stop writing.


2 thoughts on “Delusions of Capability

  1. Having a paid housekeeping service is a luxury worth giving up other things to afford.

    Where is your time more valuable in the long run? Being the best mom you can be or scrubbing a toilet?

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