Demented Fog

I’d be thanking my lucky stars that it’s Friday right now, if only I could see them. Alas, my neighborhood has been swathed for two days in the dankest, coldest, most bone-chilling fog you have ever seen and I may never see the stars again. I’d take a picture for you but please see above re: freezing cold fog.

I was outside doing some yard work today and I literally felt like Dementors were going to come gliding around the corner any minute to suck away my sanity and happiness. I decided to beat a hasty retreat indoors to implore my husband to prepare booze for me so that I could hide from the Dementors and think of the happiest memory I have ever had.

Now that we all know how I’ll be spending my weekend, let’s talk about you. How are you planning to spend your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Demented Fog

  1. Being warm…… mid 80s, here. :-D


    /Admittedly, this is the coldest winter I ever remember here in SoCal.

  2. -Matt, Really? By my little brother’s accounts, y’all are going to be needing parkas soon! He talks about 50 degrees like it’s the very bottom of the thermometer, but now that I’ve seen 10 degree weather I know this to not be the case.Any chance you can box up some sunshine and ship it over?

    It’s hilarious to be a transplanted SoCal kid up here, though, because I’m the only one terrified of the snow. It’s kind of a giveaway!

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