Desperately Seeking Venue

As I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about, my new book (Blood Money) is coming out February 4.

(Obligatory freaking out that my book is coming out in just a week and a half. AAAAAAAAAH!)

It will initially be released as an ebook, because that’s just the way the world is shifting. If I sell a ton of ebooks, my publisher will do a print run, but it’s likely ebooks will be the bigger sellers.

All along, I’ve been okay with this on the outside while secretly pouting about it on my secret insides. I mean, yes, ebooks are spiffy and all, but how am I supposed to sign an ebook? If I can’t sign stuff, how can I throw a big ol’ party to celebrate my official status as a published author?


Enter my publisher. She’s found a neat way to do book signings with ebooks, something all technologically advanced and serial numbers and blah blah blah.

Basically all I heard when she told me about it was: BOOK PARTY!!!

So, now I can sign my little face off and sell my ebook at physical venues and all I need now is a place to have my book party. Preferably somewhere with good food. I have my eye on a few places and I’ve started reaching out to a few proprietors. We’ll see what they say.

I’m just so excited. I love parties, and I love signing things This could be really cool.

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