Desserters Will Be Praised

I had a very dirty weekend. No, not in that way, in a yard-work way. I spent most of my time this weekend hunched over in the dirt pulling weeds and yearning for a machete with which to cut through some of the thicker parts of our suburban jungle. Sometimes clippers just don’t cut it, you know (HA! So very punny!!)? I actually found a piece of grass that was almost as tall as I am and that impressed me mightily. I was almost loathe to cut it down because I was curious to see how long it would have grown had I let it.

Speaking of curious, I learned something over the weekend that fascinated me mightily: Wes loves strawberry shortcake (the dessert, not the young girls’ toy and movie scion.) I made strawberry shortcake from scratch on Friday and Wes didn’t even want to let the shortcake cool before slathering it with homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries. He ate that dessert so quickly that for a second I thought I’d forgotten to give him some. I tell you, the man is a sucker for good shortcake.

The curious thing about this is that I never knew Wes liked this particular dessert. I had no idea! What kind of wife has no idea that her husband loves something with such dessert-inhaling passion?! I’ve known him for seven years now, you’d think shortcake would’ve come up by now! Truly I am ashamed at my negligence. We’ve been married almost three years and, had I known about his absolute devotion to that dessert, I would have made it for him prior to this! See? This is what comes from keeping things to yourself in marriage! Fewer strawberry shortcakes!

I think I should forewarn everyone that I am on a bit of a baking binge. I went out and procured for myself a springform pan (for cheesecake) and a roasting pan (for, well, roasts) and I plan to spend much of next weekend in the kitchen (real estate agents willing.) I have a recipe for lemon mascarpone cheesecake I’ve been wanting to try for two years now and a recipe for roast chicken with lemon and shallots that sounds like it would be perfect with homemade mashed potatoes and sauteed asparagus. Yes, you’re all welcome for dinner.

To be honest, we’re going to have to start handing out more leftovers if I keep baking this much. You see, I love baking, and I love eating, but I’m not so fond of exercising so I’m going to need help to prevent my second love from occluding my first one. Apparently it’s harder to get outside and buy new ingredients when you’re too morbidly obese to get out the door.

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