Doc Gets Krazy

People are always saying how much they learn from their kids. It’s true that kids have a way of revealing things to you that you’d otherwise never know. I was a nanny for three years and I can say emphatically that I learned loads from those two sweet girls.

I sometimes wonder what I’ll learn from my own children. Probably things like, “Kids will eat things they can reach” and “Well, yes, I guess you can climb all the way up there without knowing exactly how to get back down again”. Until I find out for sure, however, I thought I’d share a little about what Doc has taught me. Meet Doc: 6 months old, astrological sign Cancer. Likes: peanut butter, processed meat products, and a good time. Dislikes: baths, the word “No”, and things that can’t be eaten.
Meet Mr. Krazy Bird: 2 day old dog toy at our house (I guess that makes him a Capricorn). Likes: Big Bird, AA meetings, and high spaces away from the puppy. Dislikes: having his hair torn out, losing his tail, and being the object of a driving need to destroy.

Let’s find out what happens when we introduce these two:

This graphic picture that you see is my dog stepping on Mr. Krazy Bird and ripping his hair out. We unwrapped the toy last night at around 7pm and retired it tonight at 6pm. The poor sucker didn’t even make it 24 hours in our house. I learned from this that when customer reviews of a product unanimously exclaim a toy to be tough and long-lasting all the reviewers are lying.

Buyers beware, should you ever find yourself torn between Mr. Krazy Bird and a bag of rawhide chews, go for the rawhide. It may just last you longer than a couple hours. Let’s consider that a lesson learned, shall we?

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