Doc the Libertarian Retriever

My dog is a political conservative. I guess spending his formative years with two parents who both emphatically deride big government has molded his way of thinking to an extreme degree. For example, the other day Wes said “Obama” to the dog and, I kid you not, he ran out of the the room.

Just now, we had a political volunteer stop by with information on a local democratic candidate. We chatted with the volunteer for a second and then left the information on our coffee table. I heard a rustling a second ago and walked in to find Doc happily destroying the democrat-endorsing materials.
If you raise his mommy and daddy’s taxes, he’ll mess you up, yo.

Our dog, he is a conservative and it warms my heart greatly. I do love my friends and family who are liberals, but I hold no love for that kind of politics.

One of the things I do hold a lot of love for is pumpkin bagels. I had the opportunity to feast on a pumpkin bagel (fresh from the oven at Noah’s Bagels!!!) with pumpkin cream cheese and it was an absolute delight. My mouth was so happy that I was able to completely overlook the meager protestations from my already clogged arteries. Essentially, my stomach slid a look of contempt over to my heart that said, “Quiet, you!” and, for a wonder, it listened.

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