Doc Walk

I was walking my puppy today when up ahead we spotted an adult yellow lab who was taking an adult man and a young boy for a walk. The guy turns around and shouts, “Hey! Can I see your puppy?”. I’m thinking, ‘Umm, first of all that’s a strange question. Second of all, did you have to shout that down the length of the whole street?’

But I shout back “Sure!” and we meet in the park near my house. The guy immediately starts asking how old Doc is, if he’s a yellow lab, when we got him, blah, blah, blah. Have you ever noticed that when two dog owners meet it’s all about the dogs? I was there 5 minutes and still don’t know his name or the kids name but I know his dog’s name. It’s Brutus.

Anyway, the guy gets weirder when he starts comparing our two dogs but in a really competitive way. Example: I say that Doc is 3 months old and he responds “Brutus was that size at 7 weeks!”. I say that they look similar because they both have dark ears and he responds “my dog’s ears are darker!”.

At this point I’m tired of hunkering down on my laurels and want to leave so I make our excuses and leave. Don’t worry, though. The guy made sure he walked away before we did.

I wonder what it would be like to run into this guy at his kids preschool class?

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