Donde Esta el Alcohol?

As I look out my window and realize that it’s so dark and cloudy it always looks like it’s early evening I can only laugh. Yes, I said laugh. Why? I found out yesterday that Wes and I are venturing to Puerto Vallarta in December! Hooray! We’re going to stay for a week (to celebrate our 2nd anniversary) and it’s going to be incredible.

My sister-in-law’s gracious in-laws (confused yet?) are allowing us to use their timeshare property in Mexico so we get to stay in an incredible 2-bedroom condo (it’s larger than our whole house) in a 5-star resort for a whole week. The part that blows my mind most right now is that the condo has 3 bathrooms. Right now, Wes and I share 1 bathroom. You don’t really know what your marriage is made of until you have to share 1 bathroom while trying to get ready at the same time. Oh yes, and add an inquisitive puppy to this and the morning can get hilarious really quickly (“Where’s the puppy?” “I don’t know, the shower maybe?” “Oh jeeze, he’s eating the soap!” “Now he’s clean inside and out!” “That was a terrible joke” “I know, but why did you laugh?”).

The condo has its own patio, it’s got an ocean view and it’s basically right on the beach. It sounds incredible. Last night Wes and I brushed up on our Spanish and I can’t wait to eat Mexican food made by Mexicans in Mexico. It’s going to be so authentic I might explode!

So far, we’re planning to go snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boarding/surfing, horseback riding, get massages, and drink Mai Tai’s on the beach. We leave in about 2 months, if I were any more excited I’d think I’d combust.

One funny thing about Wes and I as a couple is that we vacation differently. I tend to micromanage vacations, over-planning things and putting a lot of pressure into the experience. Wes is very laid-back. When he is on vacation, he doesn’t want to be bothered. We were talking about flights last night and I was all for sleeping over-night on the plane so that we arrived on our first day with enough time to actually do things. Wes vetoed the idea, stating that since he can’t sleep on planes he would arrive in Mexico a zombie and would not be able to enjoy the first day at all.

It’s funny how the contrasts in a marriage can temper and strengthen each person in the marriage. However, I digress.

So, I realized he is right. I always forget how miserable it is to try and sleep on a plane and how terrible you feel when you wake up for a super-early flight (like at 6am).

I remember the first vacation we ever went on together. We went to Lake Chelan with his family. I was helping him pack and I asked “So what do you guys do in Chelan?”. He looked at me with this weird look on his face and said “I don’t know, relax?”. I said “Yeah, but what do you do?”. He gave me a hug and said, “That’s the point of a vacation, you don’t do anything!”.

I’m really looking forward to a week full of doing nothing. Just think, Wes and Erika running amok in Mexico. What could go wrong?

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  1. Ahhh. I love timeshares. Tim and I bought one shortly after moving in together. It was the only reason we got a honeymoon at all.

    P.S. I’m like you with vacations. We need to DO stuff and have PLANS!! Hehe.

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