Don’t Hold Me Up

My new job started yesterday and I’ve spent the majority of my time researching topics for blogs and seeking out new bloggers to contact. My brain is practically buzzing with all the information I’ve stuffed into it but I’m having a blast. Whilst stuffing, I came across a blog post that mentioned the concept of an “open-air office” (meaning without offices or cubicles) and its effect on productivity. The author wrote about how it was a great idea in theory but a less-then-stellar idea in practice.

I happened to be alone in the office at the time and noticed that I was getting a lot of work done. My two office-mates were gone and I was able to listen to my music (today it was “Rise Against”) and work. It sounds strange that being alone enabled me to get more done but there you have it. This and the fact that I have trouble avoiding embarassing myself in social situations serve as further proof in the mounting evidence that maybe I should have been a monk.

In other news, there’s a high wind warning tonight for the area I live in. This means that it’s likely that the power will go out at some point this evening so I’m going to try to get as much done before I leave as possible. Farewell until tomorrow and better content!

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