Don’t Lay Off Me, Already!

If perhaps you’re unfamiliar with what I do, please allow me to elucidate before I get into the latest issue to bother me right this second. One of my jobs is working as the Content Queen of an e-commerce company called Bottle Your Brand that sells personalized water, wine, and beer labels. It’s an awesome job and I really like working there.

My other job is a non-profit website called Qvisory. I am the content manager for their work blog and it’s my job to make sure that the work blog is filled with lots of great content. I correspond with professional bloggers all over the country and continuously recruit new talent to the blog. I like this job as well, as it allows me to work from home in my slippers.

Usually, the bosses at both of these jobs are extremely hands-off. I really just kind of do my work, and the evidence that I’m doing my job is self-evident in the blogs I run. This is an ideal set-up for me, as I abhor micromanagement and am far more productive when I can set my own goals and deadlines (because apparently I am the poster-child for Gen Y).

Whenever one of my managers decides to talk to me about my work, though, wave after wave of anxiety washes over me until I know what they plan to talk to me about. It almost always works out to be no big deal, but I can always be relied upon to freak the heck out whenever I know that my manager wants to talk to me about something.

All this to say, I received an email today from one of my bosses saying that she wants to schedule a phone call with me to discuss the content on one of my blogs.

***Cue the deep, heaving breaths and impatient gestured request for a paper bag***

I have no idea why this is, but whenever I have to go to a meeting with my boss, I am swallowed by that feeling I used to get if I was ever in trouble at school and had to go see the principal. My heart pounds, my palms get sweaty, and I grow increasingly impatient the longer it takes them to spit out the reason they wanted to meet with me.

I’m not sure if this reaction is normal or not. Especially right now, when so many people are getting laid off. There’s this pervading feeling that there’s no such thing as job security, which has the consequent effect of making every meeting a potential lay-off situation.

Grr. The meeting is supposed to be either tomorrow on Monday. I’m hoping for tomorrow so I don’t stress about this all weekend.

I don’t think I’m getting laid off or anything. After all, she said she wanted to talk to me about the blog content, not about my job. Then again, if someone’s laying you off, they’re hardly going to preface the meeting request by saying, “Hey, do you mind if we meet up later so I can ruin your day? Thanks!”

2 thoughts on “Don’t Lay Off Me, Already!

  1. The way my former boss informed me that I he was going to meet with me to fire me was “Genay, we need to meet tonight or tomorrow morning to have a conversation. Which do you prefer?” (This was about 4 on a Friday afternoon at the end of a payperiod). As soon as he called, I knew. I was panicked like none other and knew there was nothing I could do.

    I’m sure your boss just has an idea or a comment about things that have come up. From what (granted little) I have experienced of your work, you’re doing fine!

  2. -Genay, You’re awesome. I’m sorry your boss was kind of a tool about how he handled the whole thing with you, though. There’s entirely too much of that laying-off-thing going around. Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll keep you posted!

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