The Doomsday Date

Today’s post is woefully short because I’M GOING ON A DATE!  This probably sounds strange to you, but any time I get to go on a date with my husband it’s definitely cause for celebration.  The last date we went on was to The Cheesecake Factory for our anniversary.  That was three months ago.


We’re going to grab some Greek food and then go see Watchmen.  I’m so excited I’m practically giddy.  Wes is doing his hair at the moment while I silently will him to hurry hurry faster we’re going on a date!

You can expect the customary giddiness and movie review tomorrow.  That is, if I can pick myself up off the floor after being out so late.  Cheers!

4 thoughts on “The Doomsday Date

  1. Have fun! The Watchmen graphic novel just came in the mail. Tell me (all of us) how the movie was! Try and tear your eyes away from that freakishly tall Irishman and watch the screen.

  2. -DC, I was able to stop ogling my husband for long enough to soak in all 3 hours of the movie and will be ready, willing, and able to share my thoughts tomorrow. Are you going to read the graphic novel before you see the movie?

  3. I will. I almost always feel the need to do that. I’m actually surprised at myself that I haven’t read it before. I don’t expect that I will get the opportunity to see the movie in the theater, but you never know! I’ll wait for your full review.

  4. -DC, I hope you do get to see it in the theater. I think you’d be missing out if you didn’t get to see a 2-story naked blue guy. I like to do the movie/book combo the opposite way, though. I loooooove reading books after seeing the movie!

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