Dull Crayon Scribbles

I am a crazy person.  A certifiable nut-job.  A few eggs short of a dozen, not the sharpest tool in the the shed, nor the brightest crayon in the box.  I know, I say such nice things about myself.

The reason for all this self-loathe is simple: I have a meeting tonight to discuss a new project.  I’ve been going back and forth with someone else about the project for awhile now, and we’re meeting tonight to see if I’m a good fit for said project and whether it’s possible.

Obviously with my full time job, personal blog, novel-in-the-making, and really excellent relationship with my husband (the excellent state of which I’d rather like to maintain), I am awash in extra time.  I kinda have, like, five minutes every now and then that I’m not using for things like eating and sleeping.  Clearly, I am just aching for something with which to fill my extra hours.

This is, of course, a lie.  I’m already humming along quite nicely with the projects I have going right now.  Coming up with content for my personal blog (which you’re reading right now!), work blog, and novel is hard enough.  Adding another blog, with frequently updated content no less, is just asking for trouble.  Who in their right mind would do this to herself?

Well, I would.  It’s a really cool project, and really cool projects just don’t pop their noses around very often.  They’re elusive, like pixies, and you have to catch them with your wiles before they twinkle out of existence.  As a professional blogger/content queen, I have an almost freelance relationship with my job.  Not my full-time one, of course, but my other projects.  If an opportunity catches my eye and I can squeeze it in, it almost behooves me to do so.

Who knows who you’ll meet during the course of a project?  I learn so much from every site I help run, and meet so many neat people, that starting new projects feels like the start of the new school year.  I usually can’t wait to see who I end up eating glue with.

So that’s what’s going on today.  A meeting with a really cool chick to see if this is something the both of us can handle.  If I land the project, well,  I may just have to stop sleeping.  I’ll get through it the way I got through NaNoWriMo…Taking every day a little at a time and eating ice cream until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

2 thoughts on “Dull Crayon Scribbles

  1. It never hurts to meet. And if a real, paying job needs more time, and you have to cut back here, I’ll {sob} understand. But I hope you can figure out a way to stretch the space time continuum so that doesn’t have to happen. (= having cake and eating too.)

  2. -Blanche, You’re so sweet! I totally thought NaNoWriMo would cost me my blog too, but it turned out I was able to keep posting every day because of the sheer necessity of having to complain about writing so much! Counterintuitive and illogical? Absolutely. That’s how I roll. I don’t think running the other site will negatively impact this site, so no worries!

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