Erika Mitchell and the Case of the Vanishing Weekend

Can you help me find something? I swear, I just had it around here a second ago, and then I turned around and poof! It was gone.

It had two days, I didn’t have to work during it at all, I was supposed to spend it relaxing…I’m pretty sure it’s called a “weekend” but darn it, I seem to have mis-placed it! I suppose I’ll just have to wait for the next go-around in four days.

We made it through the (mysteriously missing) weekend, but only barely. After the rehearsal on Friday evening, the wedding all day on Saturday, and church on Sunday, we barely even had time to switch outfits before we were bustling out the door again. The next time Wes and I are in a wedding, we’re taking a day off work to recuperate because man, is that exhausting.

So fatigued was I, in fact, that when I tried to style my hair this morning it totally flipped me the bird and told me to go do something unmentionable to myself. I had to bobby-pin my bangs back and call it a day because there was no coaxing those suckers out of entropy. Not with any amount of hairspray and profanity.

As tired and disheveled as we are, though, we at least made it through. Wes ushered people into the church with aplomb, and I managed not to faint while reading Scripture during the ceremony. It was certainly not for lack of trying, though.

I have a wee bit of stage fright that manifests in the usual way: increased blood pressure, freezing cold hands, desperate desire to run screaming from the building.

My stage fright this time, though, was momentous. My blood pressure was so high that I got white spots in my vision and afterward had to sit down for two hours in order to feel right again. What a wreck!

Supposedly, I read my passage of Scripture well enough, but I don’t remember it. For all I know, I could have read the copyright information at the beginning of the Bible and everyone is just telling me I did well so that I don’t bolt before they can book me a room in the “Special Needs” motel.

Through it all, though, Wes and I made it out the other side just fine and even managed to spend some quality time together yesterday. One afternoon with my husband isn’t enough to redeem an entire weekend bursting with people/places/faces, but it is enough to keep me going until the next time I can hole up in my house for a weekend of recharging.

For two exhausted people, we manage to clean up pretty nicely. If I do say so myself.

Please note the amazing little black dress, courtesy of my mother-in-law, that prompted no less than four little old ladies from church to tell me I looked hot.
Wes even took it a step further by telling me I looked “movie-star pretty”. If it were possible, I’d marry him again.

4 thoughts on “Erika Mitchell and the Case of the Vanishing Weekend

  1. Wait… who got married THIS time around? I recognize the church. And the bangs, which look great. But who was at the altar?

  2. -Dane, Thanks for the compliment on my bangs! It was Wes’ little sister who got married on Saturday. All the Mitchell kids are now all married off and Wes’ parents couldn’t be happier ;)

  3. Awww. What a great looking couple!

    Also, if you happen to see my weekend while searching for yours I’d greatly appreciate you pushing it back my way.

  4. -Mrs. Higrens, Will do. Do you think we should start putting little bells on them so we can hear them while they’re fleeing?

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