Excitement Fidgeting

Have you ever been so excited you started fidgeting just a little bit? And then felt silly because the thing you’re all excited about is still a month away and so now you’re all fidgety for no reason? But you’re still so excited you don’t care as much as you should?

And thus ends my tribute to the hard-working question mark.

The reason I’m so excited is because Wes and I are packing up the baby and some clothes and heading out for a family vacation next week. Man sakes alive, it’ll be a good time. Ping pong (I am a ping pong ninja), reading outside in comfy chairs while soaking up sorely-needed sunshine, swimming, eating, and relaxing. It’s going to be legen-wait for it-dary.

And then, AND THEN, we leave next month to go to Victoria. Just the two of us. As in, Aidan gets to hang out with his grandparents all weekend while Wes and I escape. Things I am looking forward to most about the first vacation I’ve taken with just my husband in over three years:

  • Eating meals for three days in a row without anyone screaming at me/demanding things from me.
  • Sleeping in every morning.
  • Being able to pay attention to my husband without also paying attention to a busy toddler.

Things I’m dreading just a little:

  • How much I’m going to miss Aidan’s little face and kisses and hugs. I give me about 24 hours before I start missing him.
  • How long it’ll take him to warm back up to me after we get home. Maybe it’ll be an instantaneous, joyful homecoming. But maybe he’ll have forgotten me already. Time will tell.

Either way, this trip will be a good thing. Wes and I could both use some down time, and I’m really looking forward to missing my son, if that makes any sense. Absence makes your heart a transponder, or somesuch.

8 thoughts on “Excitement Fidgeting

  1. We’ve got some trips coming up also (6+ hours away for the first, ~2.5 for the longer second) sans bebe.

    It both thrills and terrifies me for the reasons you list, in addition to the frustration that one set of grandparents refuses to come to our house in favor of their much less baby-proofed home.

  2. -Blanche, Wow, that’s awesome! Truthfully, Wes’s parents can watch Aidan wherever they like, I don’t really care. As long as I’m not the one keeping him away from destroying things :)

  3. I’m more worried about Little One injuring herself thanks to less supervision then destroying things, though I guess the two could go hand in hand.

    MIL is a bit ADD and as was confirmed this weekend, thinks she can do more at one time than is really possible given Little One’s activity level. Ergo, I would feel more comfortable with her in an environment I know has been safetyfied (that should totally be a word).

  4. -Blanche, Yeah, that’s a good point. That’s the hard thing about leaving, you can’t stop worrying about the little ones even when they’re in good hands!

  5. Ooooohhhhhh, I am so excited for you! A little envious, but in a good way…if there is a good way. I would love to take a trip with Sam. He is a fun guy to be around. Have a wonderful family vacation and time alone with hubby!

  6. -Ronda, Ha! Yeah, I’d be envious of me too. I don’t know many mothers who aren’t absolutely deserving of a vacation!

  7. Ooo, enjoy the hours of hard-earned relaxation!! I’m super-jealous of your trip to Victoria- getting there from the East coast costs more than our trip to Ireland! (boo hiss, airfare)

    @Blanche- I SO FEEL YOU. My future MIL is ADHD to say the least… and they have an evil cat that bites visitors, so I will in no way be entrusting a BabyDarcy there anytime soon. Not that said BabyDarcy is on the horizon or anything…

  8. -Txtingmrdarcy, Dude, I’m jealous of your trip to Ireland! I’ve heard the cheese and butter are AMAZING there! Also, don’t b to quick to dismiss potential child-watching help. After enough weeks without one-on-one time with your husband, you might just find you’re willing to hand Baby Darcy to gypsies for a few hours :)

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