Exploding Missives

I don’t care what you’re doing, drop whatever it is (unless what you’re doing is holding a baby, in which case definitely don’t do the dropping but instead do the gently placing) and dance a happy little dance, because that’s what I’m doing and it feels really good.  No, I’m not pregnant (that I know of) but what I am is the proud recipient of a finalized loan modification.


Wes and I applied to have our home loan modified way back in December.  Funds were tight and we knew we’d need the help sooner rather than later.  The process took for-freaking-ever but we just heard back from our bank that our modification is finalized and we should be getting the paperwork soon letting us know what kind of modification we’ll be looking at.

It honestly couldn’t be coming at a better time.  With Wes in school and all the ensuing costs and time that takes, an extra bunch of money in our pockets every month will go a long way.  So yeah, it took six months and made me so impatient there were times I considered sticking a fork in the electrical socket to pass out just long enough to finish waiting it out, but now that it’s done I’m all smiles.  A loan modifications can save you a ton of money on your mortgage payment, but just beware it can also take about a year off your life while you wait for it to go through.

Based on how life has gone for us the past year, though, I’m regarding this good news with the kind of skepticism usually reserved for freshly frozen lakes.  Sure it looks like good news, but I’m still wary for the bottom to drop out of this fortuitous turn of events.

Bad news has been so profligate around here lately I kind of want to celebrate this news in a bomb shelter.  For all I know, we’ll open up the modification documents to find that they require a kidney from each of us, or wear Wells Fargo pajamas, or even *shudder* reapply every year.  We’ll see.  I’ll do a little happy dance but not without strapping on my Kevlar just on the off chance the modification paperwork is programmed to detonate upon exposure to sunlight.

In my experience, it’s always best to assume the paperwork you receive from the bank that holds your mortgage is programmed to explode.

2 thoughts on “Exploding Missives

  1. For some reason I’m picturing one of those howler letters from Harry Potter. So, earplugs might be a good idea in addition to the Kevlar.


  2. -Blanche, Oh, good one. That’s totally where I must have gotten that image, how funny how Harry Potter continues to changes my life for the better…

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