Fall Follies

Someone stop me before I Frappuccino again.

Heavens to Betsy, Starbucks has these newfangled pumpkin spice frappuccinos and dang it if they aren’t scrumptious and addictive! I’ve had three this week (I know, it’s shameful really) and if I don’t stop soon the only thing I’ll need to complete my transformation into a pumpkin is a stem and some iodine.

Speaking of pumpkins, how excited am I that it’s October again and that means pumpkins, Halloween, and more pumpkin flavored things?! I am simply bursting at the seams to wrap my mouth around luscious pumpkin bagels, pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin scones. I can’t wait to dig into my jack-o-lantern this year, and I’m putting a lot of thought into Halloween costumes.

If Wes and I were to go to a Halloween party, here are some outfits we might consider:

  • Monkey and banana (Wes would be the monkey, I’d be the banana. After a few vodka tonics you can bet there would be a metric ton of jokes about Wes and his banana. The only person laughing, as always, would be me.)
  • Bacon and eggs (Wes would be the bacon, I’d be the over-easy egg. Together, we’d be breakfast.)
  • Obi Wan and Darth Vader (I’d have to be Darth, obviously, because no one’s going to mistake me for Obi Wan now or ever. We’d spend the whole evening ignoring everyone else and fighting with plastic lightsabers. It would be awesome.)
  • A beer bottle and a martini (We’d likely spend the evening complaining that we couldn’t drink ourselves. This is not the making of a fun evening.)
  • Shark attack and grim reaper (The risk with this one is that I guarantee you that after a few drinks, I’d punch Wes in his shark face in an attempt to assess whether this really does make a shark let go of something. I promise that he would think this considerably less funny than I would.)

I don’t even know. Do people even do costumes when they’re out of the trick or treating age range? If so, what did you dress up as?

4 thoughts on “Fall Follies

  1. Costumes are still fun at any age! However last year I ended up spending money I didn’t have on a costume, getting all dressed up, only to have no place to go because of inconsiderate people who like to cancel plans at the last minute. (Last year I was an 80s devil…the year before that both Tim and I were vampires, before that I was a sexy cop….etc). This year we were going to go as Speed Racer and Trixy, but that probably won’t work out.

  2. -Del, you and Tim sound like costume experts! At least your man is back in town this Halloween so at the very least you can curl up on the (couch? floor?) with a scary movie and a big bowl of Halloween candy :)

  3. PSLOJ (Pumpkin Spice Latte Of Joy) season is one of my other bloggy friends favorites as well.

    I haven’t dressed up since college. But I have very fond memories of the effects of a black cat outfit consisting of a leotard and leggings plus commercial tail and ears. Good times.

  4. -Mrs. Higrens, Is this how you met Mr. Higrens…? That does sound like a fun costume and I greatly admire your chutzpah in wearing a leotard. I haven’t worn a leotard since I was an infant wearing those snap-on shirt things :)

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