Farewell, Sweet Puppy

It’s so hard to keep things in perspective when you’re in the midst of them. I’m in California with my Dad and brother and the three of us are having a lot of fun together. I’m exquisitely aware of how precious my time with my family is and I’m doing my best to enjoy every drop of it.

This morning, however, heralded a very heart-breaking day and the discovery of some very bad news. Doc was really sick this morning so Wes took him to the vet for observation. He was acting like he had eaten another inedible object and this afternoon the vet called Wes and confirmed our fears.

The vet told us that he was going to need endoscopic surgery to remove the object and it was going to cost a pretty penny. Wes and I had a long, very sorrowful, conversation and we decided that we need to give Doc to another family.

Wes went to the vet to sign him over to their care and it broke his heart. The vet is going to do the surgery and then give him to one of the veterinary assistants to take home. He will be going to a loving home and will have access to all the life-saving surgeries he’ll ever need.

Wes and I ran around and around in circles but there’s nothing we could have done to prevent this one. We’ve taken excellent care of our baby and know that he’ll be in excellent hands. We just can’t afford the financial and emotional cost of a dog who can’t seem to stop eating inedible objects.

I feel a sort of big empty space right now and it’s hard to cry. As I said earlier, I’m trying my best to make the most out of my time with my Dad and brother and I can’t do that when I’m mourning for my puppy.

Wes is taking this very hard, however. He is the one who had to gather up Doc’s toys, food and water dishes, and leash and bring them to the vet. He had to sign the papers to give up our puppy and he had to go back home all alone.

I ache to hug my husband but for some reason all of this has happened on the one weekend when I am 2,000 miles away. Like so many things this year, I don’t understand why this is happening but I feel peace with the choice we’ve made.

We’re both going to miss our puppy fiercely but hopefully with a fresh start Doc will get a chance to stop his destructive habit. We really enjoyed having Doc in our lives and know that he will sweeten the days of his new owner.

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