Fear No Beer

Oh, the outpouring of support and encouragement that greeted my last post was euphoric!  I was expecting a lot of people to greet the news with scorn, but everyone’s just been so sweet!

Perhaps the sweetest person was Wes, who came home yesterday bearing chocolate, a how-to-get-paid-for-your-fiction book, and the news that he purchased a laptop for me!  I can finally realize my dream of being able to write while sitting in a coffee shop, and lo, it will be sweet.

I was afraid that by declaring my intention to pursue publication to the universe that I would psych myself into being too intimidated, but thankfully my novel is still scooting right along.  I stopped writing at 26,130 words this morning, which makes me a little over halfway done with my NaNoWriMo word count!

Truthfully, I see this novel going longer than 50K, and it’ll likely finish up at around 75K.  Which means I’m not halfway at all.  But I’m going to celebrate anyway.

While I write away, I’m also wrapping up my work for Bottle Your Brand.  Because the work I do for them requires such a specific skill set, I’ve volunteered to sift through the resumes of applicants in hopes of finding them some good candidates.

It’s been almost three years since I was a recruiter, but I’m pleased to say that those skills stick around for a good long while.  I continue to be appalled, however, by the laziness of some job applicants.

People who don’t update their resumes, who send form cover letters, whose job experience doesn’t even remotely match the job.  If I can offer any advice to job seekers, it’s this:

  • Personalize your cover letter to the job you’re applying for.  Start by explaining what about the job and company you’re excited about.  Hiring managers like to know that you think their company is cool.  Then go on to specify what exactly about your previous work experience qualifies you for the job you want.  Keep it short and awesome.
  • If you’re going to include an objective section in your resume, customize that section for the job you’re applying for.  No one cares that you’re looking to grow your skills with a thriving company.
  • Don’t get too familiar in the tone of your cover letter.  You’re not getting invited to a kegger, so why would you think a hiring manager would care about your favorite kind of beer?

I kid you not, someone actually wrote down their favorite kind of beer in their cover letter.  What is this world coming to?

6 thoughts on “Fear No Beer

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  2. When I give resume advice, I usually tell people to leave out the Objective part altogether, because uh… isn’t your objective to to get a job?!.
    Anyway, nice hubby!! Enjoy your laptop!

  3. Maybe the last job that guy applied for was at a brewery and he forgot…ha. I am currently awaiting the word on whether I get a new job or not…waiting is no fun.

  4. -Nancy, TOTALLY! It’s kind of a useless field, and it wastes space that could be occupied with other important info.

    -Delisa, It’s possible! I think he just thought he was being cute though. Good luck with your job search! Looking for a job is by the far the WORST.

  5. Well, it’s not really a job search since I was already hired by Costco, I am just waiting to hear if I get my “real” job with the company…they put me to work in the food court for the meantime because they knew I was in a horrible environment at the last company… =)

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