Flaming Promise Right Out the Window

One of these days my brain is literally going to burst under the staggering weight of all the ideas and words I’ve got bouncing around inside of it. I went to the dentist today for a standard tooth cleaning, and I was fully prepared to write about my adventures there (for some reason, whenever I go there, I get nervous, and then I laugh a lot, and then my dentist gets all suspicious like maybe I’ve been nipping the nitrous or something).

Then, I got home and was really quite miffed because my computer was acting like a frozen pile of turtle droppings and it was impossible to get anything done. I decided to nip off to my other job early, since working from home wasn’t an option until Wes fixed the problem, and I’ve been quite frustrated all day because I get my best writing done in the morning and that meant I was forfeiting all my glorious morning writing hours.

Seeing as how I normally write about 2,000+ words between 8:30 and 9:25 AM, I feel the loss of those 2K words very acutely right now and I’ve decided I’m going to take that personally.

So THEN, as though all that jazz wasn’t enough to write about, I finally heard the Jack White/Alicia Keys collaboration for the new James Bond movie and I HATED it. Oh, woe is me that I should live to see such days! If you absolutely must know what I’m talking about, you can view the music video here.

The song starts off with one of the most promising intros ever, and then Jack White sings, and it gets better, then Alicia sings and it goes downhill maybe a little, but then the chorus starts and it makes any promise the song may have had go flying right out the window with its hair on fire. Heavens to Betsy, their voices sound AWFUL together, and then the song gets super repetitive for the next three minutes, and then Jack starts doing weird sounds with his guitar and Alicia makes all kinds of weird vocal sounds and then the song is over and you feel happy that it’s over.

I’m so sad over this state of affairs. I was all a-tizzy about this song a few months ago, but it would appear that all my tizzing was for naught. In my defense, I did suspect that Alicia might ruin the song for me. Aside from her awesome piano playing, I feel she offers nothing to the song. Woe is me, Oh Discordia.

If you go see the new james Bond movie this weekend, please make sure to drop in and tell me what you think!

6 thoughts on “Flaming Promise Right Out the Window

  1. -Dane, thanks for the report from the front lines. What do you think about the Jack White/Alicia Keys collab? Am I just a fusty old music snob?

  2. As you said, the thing starts out very strong, has some great moments, but as a piece of music on its own does not hold a consistent level of awesome throughout. End is fine. More than anything else, the title sequence in this one wasn’t as good as Casino Royale. Casino Royale’s seemed to have a lot more structure and a lots less repetition. The credits reflect the songs and vice versa.

  3. -Dane, Isn’t that a disappointment!! I think the song Chris Cornell put together for Casino Royale was great, but this one seems to have faltered. I just can’t believe that the man responsible for “Ball and Biscuit” could have had a hand in this song! This appears to be consistent with your review that this movie does not quite hold its own against it predecessor. I’m sure it’s still awesome, though, and I can’t wait to see it!

  4. No, don’t get me wrong. This one is a perfect compliment to the first. But I had been reading reviews saying that this one was so much better than Casino Royale, and since that wasn’t the case there was bound to be some disappointment even though it was flippin sweet.

  5. -Dane, Grr, I hate it when reviews do that. Setting expectations up in the clouds so that they inevitably come crashing down. I’ve heard that the new contains a lot of gratuitous violence, which seems to me to be a promising start to a Bond film :)

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