Flippant Frugality

Wanna know what I did this weekend besides demolish an entire bag of sour gummy worms because I could and they’re delicious (Gestational diabetes here I come!)?  I went shopping.  I spent money.  I boldly spat in the eye of my budget and said, “You know what, budget?  The best things in life may be free, but this tummy’s not getting any smaller and free maternity clothes are few and far between.”

After a whirlwind shopping adventure that ransacked five different stores, I ended up with the following:

  • A very cute pair of maternity capris
  • A pair of maternity jeans
  • Six cotton t-shirts, all of which are very long and perfect for layering
  • A bacon Whopper with cheese

The cost for this shopping FUNANZA?  $38.  Because the world is a very good place.  The only down side to my little shopping trip is that the maternity pants, which were such a very good steal at $5, are a tad too short.  In fact, all maternity jeans I tried on were too short.

It appears that the manufacturers of maternity pants are cruel, and unusual, because they make maternity pants in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL.  This means that if you’re someone like me who’s leggy and has junk in the trunk but not enough to justify hopping up a size, you’re out of luck.  It’s either swim around in pants that are too big or wear cute socks.

I’m going to throw myself on the mercy of my sewing-whiz mother in law and see if she wouldn’t mind sewing a cute inch or two of fabric around the cuffs of the pants to give them some extra length.  I’ll look like a That 70’s Show cast-off, but at least my ankles won’t freeze.

Wes says I impressed him with my frugality this weekend.  We’re determined to do the whole baby thing as economically as possible, as we figure this little buddy’s going to outgrow most of the things we buy right now anyway, so what’s the point in going hogwild over brand new super-awesome stuff?

We’re going used baby furniture (I refuse to look at shiny new cribs in catalogs and instead browse Craigslist), used stroller, used baby clothes, used toys, etc. all within the realm of safety and recalls.  The only new things we’re getting new are a carseat and crib mattress, because those are the things experts say you should never buy used.

Good thing those are the only two though, because those suckers are expensive!

True to form, I’ve left my blogging until late at night and now I’m tired and soft, like cheese left out on the counter too long.  You can try to scrape me onto a cracker if you want, but I can’t guarantee I won’t give you salmonella.

5 thoughts on “Flippant Frugality

  1. -Blanche, Seriously, tirelessly digging through clearance racks can sometimes pay off! The Whopper was more pricey than I would have expected, but it was also delicious. This baby’s gonna give me a coronary.

  2. Good idea hanging back on the expensive stuff! Cutesy (expensive) clothes will come from grandparents, coworkers etc as gifts, you’ll be amazed what people will give you. And some you can exchange for sensible stuff and some you keep for portraits and special occasions. But I highly recommend Era detergent as a pretreater directly on baby’s clothing/milk dribbles the same day as he/she makes them to keep them looking good. Those milk stains will drive you crazy if you don’t catch them fast enough. But onsies for everyday home wear are fine and if you’re going on slap on some pants/shorts/skirt and you’re good to go.

    But I’ll tell you now, otherwise I will forget, heck I may tell you a couple times (sorry!) the most important rule I learned was: after the baby is born dress him like dad dresses in that if dad isn’t all bundled up don’t bundle baby up, we lucky girls have all the hormone issues to deal with and he doesn’t so he’s a better judge of actual room temp than you are so dress baby more in line with how he’s dressing than what your hormones are tricking you into thinking it is. An overdressed baby is an unhappy baby! And no one wants an unhappy baby.

  3. -SandyPie, Era, huh? Thanks for the suggestion! It’s amazing how the world changes once you’re a mom, I don’t think I’ve ever worried about milk dribbles in my life but I SO appreciate the heads-up!

    Also, the tip about dressing the baby is great! I do wonder how to make that happen, how to determine if the baby’s wearing a sufficient amount of clothing. I’m sure most moms err on the side of over-dressing!

  4. I have that same problem. Pants are NEVER long enough. ESPECIALLY Maternity. I am going to have to remember to inhale lemons when I am nauseous whenever we get around to baby #3….

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