Flowery Frissons and Limping Labradors

Prior to home-ownership I had never been much of a gardener. When I was younger we had a nice backyard that my Dad lovingly maintained while my brother and I “helped” (which means we took turns shoving each other into the rose clippings). As I grew older I either lived in an apartment or else was never home enough to be of any use in the garden. Besides, the garden was a place where creepy-crawlies waited to crawl all over my rapidly creeping-away body so I stayed indoors and assumed I had no such green thumb.

Then came the little yellow house we call home. We bought it in October when the plants were all hibernating so we didn’t pay much attention to our yard until Spring arrived (and by arrived I mean thundered in like a battalion of warrior-elephants). I kid you not, our first year of marriage we were awed by the sheer multitude of plants that sprang up out of nowhere as soon as the sun started coming out. Brilliant flowers like this one were all over the freaking place: Daffodils, camilias, roses, lilacs, crocuses, hydrangeas, and a gigantic-huge crawling flower bush that grows about 10 feet tall and is chock-full of purple flowers. Everywhere there were flowers (and weeds!) and we were severely intimidated.

The next year we were prepared for the bloom-explosion but still mostly afraid of yardwork. Wes and I would look out almost every day and just shake our heads at the overwhelming amount of upkeep that was needed.

Now here we are to this year. This year we are prepared and willing to venture outside and maintain the heck out of our yard. Wes and I took advantage of the sunshine this weekend and cleaned our gutters, wiped off our sky-light, pruned the climber roses on our trellis, raked/trimmed away any dead leaves or vines still clinging to existence, and sprayed insect-repellant on our roses.

Essentially, we made our yard look the best it’s looked since we moved in. We’re still aiming to sell this house later in the Spring so we want it to look as nice as possible on the outside. I think that when Spring officially hits I’ll post pictures of my pretty yard. Who doesn’t like pretty flowers?

On a slightly less “life in bloom” note, Doc seems to have injured his leg. His left hind leg, to be exact. He started limping on Friday and it’s only now starting to get better. Honestly, words do not describe the frustration we felt on discovering that he was injured again before he’d even finished healing up from his last injury.

Luckily for all of us, his limp is a little better this morning. As you can see, he’s in good spirits (as always) and looking forward to a full recovery. As his non-canine mother, however, I must ask that he please refrain from injuring himself any further. My heart simply cannot take anymore. It’s very unpleasant to be constantly worrying about your dog and knowing that it’s not because you’re a hypochondriac.

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