Frumpy? Yes. Crazy? Only Slightly.

There are many advantages and benefits to working from home. Not the least of which is working from the comfort and privacy of your sweatpants and slippers.

I am loving the working from home experience but I worry about what it might do to my marriage. If Wes and I hadn’t gone out for a delicious dinner last night I might have gone almost a week without putting on make-up. Styling my hair in the morning means nothing more than pulling it into a ponytail (Oh, wait, that’s no different than how I’ve been doing my hair my whole life. Oops.) and my slippers have only left my feet at night for showers and sleeping.

My home office is quiet, comfortable, and spacious and for that reason I have been a work-horse all week. It’s been great.

There are disadvantages, though. For instance, being home all day by myself has the effect of making me just ever-so-slightly stir-crazy. When Wes gets home I practically pounce on him, pleading for a real-life person to talk to!

Also, houses sound funny when they’re nearly empty. I was working away when I swore I heard Doc talking outside in his kennel. I looked out and of course he was neither talking nor moving (because he was asleep) and I realized that it was the neighbor-kids playing outside that I’d heard.

All in all, at this the end of my first week of working from home I am comfortable, productive, and easily mis-led into thinking that my dog can talk. He’s awfully cute but his conversation skills still leave much to be desired. Should I start to expound on my dog’s eloquence and elocution, however, please feel free to notify Wes so that he can kick me out of the house and force me to socialize with human beings for a while.

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