Full to the Brim

This week had been insane at work. It has been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to blog about how busy I am!

I had another career fair on Thursday and my boss got back from India on Tuesday so this week had been very helter skelter with trying to catch up. I did get to use my sales skills today though. A candidate accepted a job right before we offered him one so I got to steal him away from the other company. I spent about half an hour convincing him that our company was better and in the end he consented. Satisfied doesn’t even begin to describe how that felt.

I even received an accolade from my manager for that one. Normally my job is like working for the CIA. Every time I do something well I never hear about it but the minute I screw up the world detonates. That’s why the compliment felt so nice. That and the validation.

It’s Friday now, though. I heave a big sigh of relief as I look with anticipation (name that reference!) toward the weekend with its margaritas and visit with my mother (who is coming to stay with us Saturday night).

I hope next week is not quite as busy. I barely even had time to eat my lunch every day this week! I’m well pleased with my efforts, however, so it’s been worth it. My only regret is that I blogged far too little and have not much in the way of wit to offer you. I hope something entertaining happens over the weekend. My life is such, however, that I am never at a lack of entertainment. My life is generally very funny. Anyway, if something fun does happen I promise to regale you with the tale next week.

2 thoughts on “Full to the Brim

  1. Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!

    It’s been forever since I’ve watched that. Maybe that’s what I’ll do this lonely Halloween….

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