Fun With Keywords!

Every so often I peek over at my Google Analytics information to see what people search for that brings them to my site. The results are usually boring, but occasionally there’s a whole new crop of keywords that tickle my fancy, and that’s when I like to share them with you!

Here we go, my favorite search terms of the last month:

  • “Creepy stalker songs” Man, you write one post about a stalker song and suddenly your blog comes up on every search for creepy stalkers!
  • “Angry hyena” In almost four years of blogging I have mentioned hyenas exactly twice. I think that’s approximately half as often as I should have been writing about hyenas.
  • “Big onion” It turns out that that there’s the name of a tour company in New York, so I doubt that the person searching for this term meant to find my blog post about onions. That person stuck around for an hour, though, so maybe he/she read something they liked?
  • “Cell phone deprivation symptoms” I think someone needs to write a book on this, stat. Preferably the author would be Temperance Brennan from the show “Bones” but as she’s fictional I’ll take whoever I can get.
  • “Fetal alcohol syndrome nonsense” This person obviously knew what he/she was looking for there, but I know for a fact they didn’t find it on my blog.
  • “Fit banshee into a minivan” This does sound like something I would do.
  • “Hamster wheels for kids” I hope this person was searching for a hamster wheel for their child’s hamster, and not a child-sized hamster wheel for said child to run in.
  • “One night stand fiance” I don’t know this person, but I have the feeling that if she’s doing this search she probably shouldn’t be getting married.
  • “Punch in the face” I wonder what this person was looking for. A tutorial perhaps? I hope not, it’s pretty self-explanatory.
  • “Why up a creek and not down a creek?” I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!?!

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