The Glasses

Do you remember that post I did last week wherein I mentioned my gigantic glasses of many years ago?  Well, Blanche commented that I can’t very well blog about my ginormous glasses without sharing them, so I did what any good self-effacing blogger would: I scanned me a picture of those suckers and, let me tell you, I am THIIIIIS glad they invented contacts because man.  I’m lucky the sun didn’t set me aflame with glasses like that.

Was that enough suspense building?  I hope so, because I present to you with the utmost shame and cringe…My 5th grade portrait:

Oh look at me, just casually hanging out on this stair railing.

Oh look at me, just casually hanging out on this stair railing.

You’re welcome.  I hope you all feel better about yourselves today.

14 thoughts on “The Glasses

  1. Erika – 1
    Shame and Humiliation – 0

    You are such a cutie!

    Just wait until I find mine with the equally large blue frames, permed hair and bangs. You’ll be horrified!

  2. -Blanche, Thank you! For a child of the 90’s, I did have relatively painless hair for the most part. I can’t wait to see yours, I miss perms. So big! So fluffy! So voluminous! So perilous in humid conditions!

  3. -Kristy, Definitely! It seems like everyone had a perm back in the day. I never did. I wanted one though, but I think in retrospect I would have looked like a disaster with a perm. Love the photos of your daughter and yes, you’re right: Those school photos are going to be AWESOME.

  4. I have one…third grade I think it was…taken RIGHT AFTER my mom CUT MY HAIR. It is hideous (nevermind I was the one who couldn’t wait for the hair appointment)…and it has now been forever memorialized as “what I looked like in 3rd grade.” Because, of course, whatever the picture says is how you looked THE WHOLE YEAR.

  5. -Jessica, Oh my gosh, I think everyone makes that mistake at least once, don’t they? They think their moms can cut their hair, and the next thing you know you’re sobbing on the floor of the bathroom wondering whether you can fake ebola to avoid having to go to school. My mom cut my hair once in high school, and it was…too horrific for words, frankly. I feel your pain.

  6. Completely agree about the invention of contact lenses. I was so thankful when my parents bought me contacts in 5th grade. I use to hide my glasses in my backpack when I got to school, one day I forgot about them and smash went the glasses. In my defense my father chose them for me and they were HORRIBLE!

    I had a perm in 4th grade, I looked like Curly Sue’s Doppelganger, it was scary!

  7. I feel better!! And also, obligated to post a picture on my blog of my teenage years, otherwise known as Who Lets Their Child Go Anywhere, Even Middle School, Years.

  8. -EdgellACE, My little brother used to forget his glasses in his backpack or on the playground and I’d always have to walk around trying to find them after school. Silly boy. If perms made everyone look like Curly Sue, why were they so popular I wonder? Much like Gellies shoes, they hurt and gave you wicked blisters but MAN you HAD to have them!

    -Eric, Ha! At least you’re honest about it! Then again, maybe you were just super-stylish in 5th grade…

    -Belle, Absolutely! If we all band together with our horrible school photos maybe we won’t feel so alone and sad when they ambush us from our photo albums. Forget the parents though, who lets THEMSELVES go anywhere during middle school?!

  9. -Jasmine, Thanks! It seems other people see this picture and think cute, which is a refreshing change from own thoughts about the picture, which run the gamut from Ack! to tragic.

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