Go Girl? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Have you ever entered a random online contest, just on the way off chance that you could win?  I do.  All the time.  They usually ask that you write something about a given topic, like how you would use a vacuum or your favorite experience with ice cream.  I use them as brief little writing exercises in order to hone my ability to get to the point (ha!) but I usually don’t expect to win anything because I have yet to win a random winner contest.

Well.  Emily of Not That You Asked (a.k.a. One of the bloggers I love to itty bitty pieces) threw a dandy little contest on her blog to give away a three pack of Go Girls.  Hmm?  Never heard of Go Girls, you say?  Allow me to elucidate.  You know that thing that boys do that girls can’t do?  That thing that enables them to use the bathroom in half the time?  The one that frees them from the constraint of plumbing and compels them to water the plants while camping?

Go Girl make it possible to do that if you lack the necessary equipment.

Still confused?  Check out the Go Girl website and you tell me you don’t respect their ability to make peeing standing up sound like a feminine right of some kind.  I would have loved to be a content writer for this site.  I can just see it now…

Boss: Erika, I need you to write content for the site.

Erika: Exactly how many times do I have to write the word pee?

Boss: As many as it takes, dang it.  We’ve got to make them see.

Erika: Can I use the word urinate?

Boss: No.  It’ll mess with our branding.

Erika: Do I need to write the instructions for how to use it?

Boss: Absolutely.  And don’t forget to use the word pee.

Erika: 10-4, good buddy.

Could have been good times.  But do you see what I mean about getting to the point?  I can’t, for the life of me, stop going down rabbit trails when I blog.  Which is funny, since many people think I could be more descriptive in my novel writing.

The point, let’s see, where did I put that point?  I can’t very well get to the point if I don’t even know where I’ve left it, can I?  Ah, here it is.

Emily picked my random number out of a hat and I am the proud owner of one three-pack of Go Girls!  How about that?  I’ve decided my little brothers will love getting these for Christmas.  Because I am mean.

Speaking of little brothers, I get to see my oldest little brother this weekend!  I’m leaving for California on Friday and, let me tell you, I am excited.  I’m frantically trying to wrap up my projects at work, get Wes situated (with meals), and earnestly imploring the puppy to refrain from eating anything indigestible before I leave so I can enjoy my time with my dad and brother.  I’m looking forward to laughter, sun, and good food!

And Go Girl.  Definitely, definitely Go Girl.

8 thoughts on “Go Girl? Don’t Mind if I Do!

  1. How cool! I love winning contests like that. Of course, it makes me cocky (no pun intended there) and think I’m going to win at everything else I do. Which never actually happens.

  2. -Blanche, It’s had the opposite effect on me, I’m now convinced I will not win another contest for at least 24 more years. Hopefully that contest will be for a free retirement or something!

  3. -Perception, Thanks, I surely will. What’s not to enjoy about the land of In N Out?

  4. I’m that girl who will sit on any public toilet without flinching, so these seem a bit silly to me – although super useful while camping. :) Yay for winning anything!

  5. -Belly Girl, Yeah, I’m not too squeamish either, though I will admit to hurrying the heck up to escape porta-potties! Those things are just…so….FOUL, y’know?

  6. Wow. I wonder if it works out the window of a moving vehicle. And check out the website I did! They sell chapstick. How that relates, I’m not sure I want to know.

  7. -April, Wow, I can only imagine the calisthenics necessary to pull off urinating out the window of a moving car. It would probably make peeing into a water bottle pretty easy though! Chap stick, huh? Sure! Why not?!

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