Going Nowhere Fast

After much ado, a gigantic remodel, countless hours of discussion, and a massive staging, the end has come: We are not selling our home.


Changing mortgage rules and interest rates have put the idea of buying a new home into the realm of the absurd so we’re just going to stay put. In our teeny, tiny, beautifully remodeled home.

We threw around some ideas about what we might do when we add a bunch of babies to our family mix. We’ll probably end up turning our family room into an office so that Wes can keep his guitars away from sticky fingers and then we might expand our living room and add a master suite there.

The way I figure it, if we have as many kids as we’d like we’re going to need more than 1.5 bathrooms. I told Wes that my rule of thumb is that if the whole family gets the stomach flu I want to make sure everyone has access to a toilet. Sounds silly now but could be a big deal later.

Whatever we end up doing, life’s going to be a tad crammed around here. We’re well aware of this, though, and think it’ll all work out. We’re in an awesome neighborhood with great schools and if our kids have to share a room in exchange for a great upbringing then I’m sure they won’t even notice. We’ll tell them that it was either live cramped in a nice city or in a roomy house next to a prison and I’m sure they’ll see the wisdom of our decision.

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