Got Mud?

Sir Wesley and I took our little protege to Beaver Lake on Sunday and it was a blast. We are working on exposing him to new places and things so that when we have to take him somewhere he isn’t so freaked out that he can’t function. We also want to give him lots of time to develop a love for the water so we figured we had better get cracking before all the lakes freeze.
We needn’t have worried though. As soon as Doc saw that there was a whole lake full of water just for him he ran full-speed and it was splish splash he’s definitely taking a bath later! He hasn’t worked up the courage to actually swim yet but he has gone out so deep that swimming’s not long in coming.
We let him off the leash while we were at the lake because the leash was totally cramping his style. My heart was in my throat the whole time because he’s never been off-leash in a public place before and I wasn’t confident we would be able to get him back if he chose to run off. He did really well though and played fetch in the water with various sundry sticks he found laying around. He was just such a joy to watch, though, because he was obviously having the time of his life. He would just randomly tear off down the shore for no reason and then run just as quickly back to us. He has shredded his apron strings, I’m afraid.
As you can see in the picture above, he found something in the mud. Something smelly, apparently. Something worth digging up. With his nose. It was worth his frightfully messy face to see him so happy, though. He gamboled and played in the water for ages. I wish there had been ducks there, I think he would have fainted from the joy of it.
Afterward, we attempted to dry him off by walking him around. That didn’t work, unfortunately. I’m not sure why this is but for some reason things don’t dry off well in the rain. Hmmm…The walk did make for a nice photo op, though.
After our little adventure we brought him home, bathed him, cleaned his ears, and then he passed out. It was glorious. I have not seen him this tuckered since he was a little baby puppy. We need to take him to the lake more often!

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  1. The firing is going pretty gosh-darn well. The same morning they got the letter corporate pulled up to the inSpa and investigated and she is in a lot of trouble. I’m not sure if she still works there, since most of my comrades also quit, but I will find out!

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