Great Life

Wes and I took our kids to the beach today and it was glorious. The sun was shining, there were ducklings waddling about, I sat on a blanket next to the baby while my son reveled in the wonder that is sunshine on your face and sand beneath your feet.

As I sat there, grande Americano and camera in hand, I thought to myself, “This really couldn’t get any more perfect.” Right then, a fire truck pulled into the parking lot beside the beach (my son LOVES fire trucks, so this was pretty much Heaven for him).

It amazes me the simple blessings of life in a free land. That I can take my kids to the beach without worrying about their safety. That I can afford to sip an espresso and drive my car to reach a waterfront so beautiful it sets my very soul at ease. That my loved ones are healthy, and full of the same joie de vivre I seem possessed with as well.

I’m grateful for so many things, but today, I’m most thankful for a day at the beach. A day where everyone was healthy and happy, where the sun was shining and the ducklings were quacking, where my husband and I could heave big sighs as we relaxed and enjoyed our family.

My goodness, what a great life.

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