Grumpy Germs

My immune system is a slacker. I was feeling fine last night. I came home, took care of Wes (who was, and still is, sick) and then kissed him goodnight before asking him to kindly not breathe on me while he was sleeping so as not to get me sick too.

Guess who woke up with the plague? Oh yes, me. I slogged through work today but if I’m no better or worse tomorrow then I shall definitely be calling it a bunny slippers day. I told Wes that this is very inconvenient indeed as I am entirely too busy to be sick. He reminded me that sometimes bodies get sick to inform you that you’re not getting enough rest.

That being said, if I’m sick tomorrow I’m gonna rest the heck out of it. In fact, I’m going to start the rest-fest right now. We’ll order some Chinese food (in support of the Olympics) and I’ll work really hard at watching a movie. I think tonight we’ll watch “Face/Off” because what goes better with the plague than John Travolta? Oh yes, that’s right. Nothing.

Hopefully I will be back to my slightly less grumpy self tomorrow. If not, well, maybe I’ll put myself on keyboard quarantine so as to spare you from my pugnacious germs. Either way, I hope you stay healthy dear readers, and if you have any cures for excruciating sore throats please feel free to pony up said cures in the comments section. My throat (and husband {and throat}) thank you.

8 thoughts on “Grumpy Germs

  1. I gotta tell ya, I have been craving Chinese food every day. They’ve gotta be ROLLING in cash right now.

  2. -Matt, I hear ya. There’s nothing quite like watching scores of people in top physical shape performing incredible feats of athleticism to make you want to sit down in front of a TV with a big plate of sesame chicken ;)

    Del, Thank you love! If Wes and I don’t start getting better I’m going to have to ask you to air-drop some more won-ton soup over our house like we’re a leper colony in desperate need of foreign aid.

  3. I’m a big fan of the salt water gargle. Tastes like hell but it does help. Also, pineapple juice can help as well (enzymes?).

    Hope you are both feeling better soon.

  4. The best cure for any sickness is a rigorous shock-and-awe blitz of massive amounts of water throughout the day, staggering doses of vitamin C, vigorous exercise (running or something similarly aerobic), followed by heavy drinking at night. Not beer, that will rob you of fluids, but vodka or Wild Turkey 101. For the same reason you put rubbing alcohol on a scrape, flushing your system with spirits will kill the little nasties.

  5. -Mrs. Higrens, Ooh, pineapple juice. Maybe I can pretend it’s a mai tai…? I’ll try the salt water gurgle and see if that helps. Thanks for the tips!

    -Dane, Dude, does this really work for you? I tried exercising yesterday and got so tired I was afraid that I’d blacked out somewhere along the way and accidentally doubled the length of my walk. If this works for you, I’ll second that nomination to include your name in the “Hall of Awesome Americans.” As for me and my house, however, I think it’s going to be one of those days where we have to take turns getting off the couch to do stuff. I will heed your advice and load up on the Vit C, though. That stuff rocks.

  6. Well, the massive amounts of water (not orange juice) works. Vitamin C is a must. And I feel better when I do a toned-down work-out, as opposed to just stopping. But that’s assuming I have had a regular workout schedule prior to getting sick.

    The drinking may…MAY… have been me in joke mode. But it makes sense! Alcohol = disinfectant. Why can’t it disinfect people?

  7. -Dane, Actually, I’ve heard from other people that it does help. Also, I was going to tell you that when you said “little nasties” in your other comment it made me laugh. It was strangely endearing, like the kind of thing you’d say to a sick child.

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