Seriously, Why Don’t I Have These In My Bathroom?

hand soapI’m not even sure there’s anything else I can say here other than to tell you these are hand soaps shaped like hands.  I just really want to leave these in the bathroom for my guests on a tidy little plate so I can laugh maniacally when I hear the yelps of confusion.

Can’t you just imagine the profanity and high-jinks that would surely ensue?!

8 thoughts on “Seriously, Why Don’t I Have These In My Bathroom?

  1. -Blanche, A flipping-the-bird soap would probably send a mixed message to most guests, wouldn’t it? It’d be ideal for a few I can think of though…

  2. Found your blog through Amalah’s… And this is the most horrifying thing I can imagine. I too would like to populate my guest bathroom with these!

  3. -Mrs. D, Oh neat! Welcome! Isn’t it funny how we recoil in horror while simultaneously wondering where we could buy them?

  4. They are hysterical! I am buying these for Christmas presents. My family and I have a weird sense of humor.

  5. -Christa, AWESOME! These would be the best stocking stuffers ever, but only if your family appreciates things that are slightly left of normal…

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