Have You Ever…

…bought a fast food kid’s meal for your kid and then, while they ate the nuggets or burger or whatever, started snacking on the French fries, because they shouldn’t eat all of them anyway, but then you get to the bottom of the carton and realize you ate them all and feel like a mean parent, so then you give them a few stubby little French fry castoffs and tell yourself you’re saving them from fat and crap food but then you hate yourself a little for trying to make yourself feel good about essentially STEALING from a BABY?

Yeah…Uh, me neither. But wouldn’t that be a pretty awful thing to do?

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever…

  1. I forced myself to eat the left over apple pieces from her side of fruit to be a good example.

    I guess that’s not exactly the same, is it? Especially since she wanted to eat them but still lacks the proper chewing ability to do so without choking herself on them.

  2. French… fries….

    No. All bets are off when it comes to fries. And you ARE setting a good example by, um… witholding them. Yes. That’s it.

  3. -Blanche, Well, eating the leftovers isn’t the same as stuffing your face with her food while she’s eating part of it. You’re nicer than I am. And a better mother, since you get her the apple slices.

    -Txtingmrdarcy, That’s what I tried to tell myself!!! Still, I stole. From a baby. Who DOES that?!

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