He Said She Said

So, I know this will probably be shocking to you at first but bear with me ’til the end. It may not be worth it but you’ve started reading this post and it’s always best to finish strong, yes? The shocking comes now: Men and women don’t communicate very well.

I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.

The latest example of this nugget of intergenderatial brilliance comes courtesy of a conversation Wes and I had on Saturday while we were driving home from dinner. We were discussing flirting (which is so much fun. People always say they miss flirting when they get married but I see nothing wrong with flirting with your spouse. If I do it just right Wes starts blushing and gets really flustered. Squee!)

Now, when Wes and I were just youngins, flirting away the Saturdays of our youth at the Red Robin where we met, we were both pretty committed to bringing our A-game to the flirting match. He flirted, I flirted, and on and on we went while my friends diligently sat there and pretended to care about what we were saying.

Up until now, I thought I was pretty charming and alluring. You see, I was never at a loss for boyfriends and the reason, to me, seemed to be because I was so good at the whole charming-and-flirty thing.

Well, Wes remembers it a little differently. When asked how he remembers my flirting he replied, “I remember you were kinda shy and really giggly.”

Huh. That wasn’t really what I was going for.

Then he topped that particular sundae with this cherry of a statement, “Oh, and you were always really impressed with everything I did.”

Oy. Can’t you just smell the teenage puppy-love from there?

So, what this essentially boils down to is a fine example of how men and women just don’t seem to meet in the same place cognitively. Ever.

What this also means is that if you’re ever curious about how Wes and I ended up married and in love, ask me. Not him. Otherwise you might become confused about how a kinda shy and giggly girl nabbed a rock star like him.

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