Heart-Pounding Thrills

Every parent knows what a loud thump from upstairs usually means: A child has plummeted out of bed. If the thump is accompanied by a cry, it’s certain: You have a jumper.

I was sitting downstairs working on a blog post yesterday when I heard the tell-tale sound of my toddler free-falling out of his crib, a plunge of maybe four feet. You have never seen a pregnant woman run so fast as I did to get upstairs to make sure he was alright.

To my amazement, he was fine, just a little shaken up. I calmed him down and out him back in bed, hoping he’d be too scared to do it again.

No dice.

Ten minutes later, THUMP. More crying, more soothing. I parked myself in front of the video monitor and fretted. And Googled “toddler falling out of crib”. And asked my fellow Internet mamas for advice.

At the conclusion of my research, I concluded that it was time for Aidan to make the big switch to a twin bed. He’s almost too tall for his crib mattress anyway, so I figured we might as well move to a larger bed.

Convinced I’d never be able to sleep knowing he was liable to fall out of his crib again, I rushed out the door and went on a whirlwind shopping spree.

Twin bed…check! Thomas the Train sheets and comforter…check! Safety rails for the bed…Check!

It took Wes and I the whole evening to get everything washed, assembled, and put together, but by Aidan’s bedtime his new room was ready. He was a bit hesitant, but when it came time to sleep he seemed to fall asleep just like any other night.

So…Mission accomplished? We’ll see. It’s possible the rejection of his new bed will come tonight, or tomorrow, or the day after.

The real question is how long it’ll take me to be able to sleep again without waking up every few minutes to check that Aidan’s safe and not lying on the floor with a broken arm.

Sigh. Parenthood: Thrill, spills, and a whole lot of not sleeping.

4 thoughts on “Heart-Pounding Thrills

  1. Trust me when I say- if he’d broken his arm, you’d know it. As moms, the hardest thing we do is let go of that fear grip- sometimes you just have to let them learn how to fall. It’s part of growing up. You’re doing great pal!

  2. -Jennifer, So true! I want to coddle him and must constantly fight that urge when it’s time for him to grow. It’s just so hard lately, he’s growing up so fast!!!

  3. It hardly seems possible that he’s old enough to be sleeping in a big boy bed!

    I just wish these kids of ours would be better at verbalizing their needs for change instead of showing us physically or trying to scream it.

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