Hello, Mr. Milkman

Wes and I have a milkman.  A man who arrives every Wednesday in a truck that’s painted like a cow.  A man who drops off milk right at our doorstep.  A real, genuine, dyed-in-the-wool milkman.

We just signed up for it, as a matter of fact.  For the last four years I’ve bought our dairy products faithfully at the store, and almost every week Wes has complained about how lame those dairy products have been compared to the dairy of his youth.

I discounted Wes’ greener pastures of youth dairy products out of hand because, well, my family always bought milk at the store.  That’s where milk comes from.  In fact, when I was little, I thought they kept cows in the back of the store behind those swishy doors they always have by the refrigerated dairy section.

So, that’s how it was.  I bought milk at the grocery store and Wes complained.

Then, he went to the farmer’s market all by himself and came back with Information.  Information about the evils of grocery store milk.  Horrifying stuff about how it’s usually months old by the time it gets to the shelf, that it’s so pasteurized that it barely has any nutrients left in it, that it has other growth hormones besides just the rBST kind.

I was summarily grossed out (months-old milk!) and resolved to go to the farmer’s market myself just to see what all the fuss was about.  The local milk farm representative was there handing out samples, so I took a swig.

And oh my goodness.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

I’ve never been a fan of straight-up milk.  But this milk?  This milk was ambrosia.

Not only was it a lot tastier, but it was nearly the same cost.  And it gets delivered by a milkman!  I was sold.

And that’s the story of how we came to have a milkman.  I just think that’s so novel.  So old-fashioned.  The milk comes in regular old cartons, not glass bottles, but still.  We have a milkman!

7 thoughts on “Hello, Mr. Milkman

  1. -Dan, Seriously, the bottles would have been rad, especially since I’m a housewife now. I could’ve been like Betty Draper with my milk bottles and staying home and whatnot.

  2. We had milk service until I was in kindergarten or so and the local dairy was purchased by a larger dairy. And yes, it came in the cartons and not the bottles back then too. :(

    We also had a insulated aluminum box which sat on the front porch that the milk could be set in if we weren’t home for the delivery. It may still be kicking around the place somewhere…37 years in the same place means my parents have quite a lot of things in the basement, garage, out buildings, etc. It’s a little scary and I’ve begun begging them to start clearing things out as they have time.

    Between milk delivery, Schwan’s (prepared frozen food delivery) and the farmer’s market, you may never have to go to the grocery store again!

  3. In India, exp: in smaller towns and villages, the milkman came directly from his farm, riding a bike, carrying 5-6 liters of milk in big aluminum jars (which were hung at every possible nook and corner of his bike) – and poured that fresh milk from the container into our jars! (this was gazillion years back though)… Now – its still someone delivering the milk in milk packets (which am sure tastes nothing compared to what it tasted fresh from farm) !

  4. -Blanche, OOOH, we have the insulated aluminum box too! It’s right next to our front door, which gets full-on sunlight all afternoon, so I’m a little worries about spoilage. I’m probably just going to have to be militant about rescuing my dairy products before they spoil…I’ve never heard of Schwan’s, is that an East coast thing?

    -Ganga, Oh my goodness, how cool! I can’t even imagine carrying that much milk while riding a bicycle, what talent! That would be a long day, wouldn’t it? Milking the cows early in the morning, riding around delivering it. I bet the milkman was always exhausted by the end of the day!

  5. http://www.schwans.com/

    They started in the mid-west, and went national years back, but they don’t do a lot of advertising, so new customers come in mostly by word of mouth. I’ve not priced their stuff compared to the grocery, but I’m sure you do pay a bit more for the convenience of prepared foods and having it delivered. Of course, it helps to have a 2nd freezer!

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