He’s a Lab and I’m a Mexican!

Every so often, when I stop to think about it, I realize that there are a lot of really funny things that happen while I’m out walking the puppy. I relay these to Wes when we get home but this morning feels like a good time to share a couple stories that brighten my day almost as much as that first cup of steamy coffee.

About once a week Doc and I pass by an older Asian couple while we’re out walking. This couple is remarkable. They both look to be either in their 60’s or beyond but every time I see them they are jogging. In unison. Their sneaker-clad feet hit the ground at the same time and their arms move back and forth in identical motions. These people run in an opposite loop from the route Doc and I usually take so we pass them twice every time we see them. They are mortally afraid of the dog, going so far as to cross the street to avoid us, but I bow my head a little and nod and they smile and wave and we go our separate ways only to reunite at the other end of the loop. Besides the jogging in perfect unison, what really makes this couple special to me is that the man is always jogging in a leisure suit. He’s always wearing khaki slacks, with tennis shoes, and a button down shirt. I imagine he starts off his exercise wearing a blazer but by the time I see him he’s carrying his blazer draped over one arm. Just picture that in your mind for awhile. It shouldn’t surprise you, then, when I say that seeing this couple in the morning makes me smile all day.

Another fun occurrence for Doc and I is walking by the passels of kids waiting for the school bus in the morning. I catch snippets of conversation as we walk by and they are often very, shall we say illuminating? Unfortunately I can’t remember any of these conversations right now but I do remember the one from this morning. Doc and I were walking by a group of kids next to our house and I heard one of them comment from across the street, “That’s a big German”. I really wanted to call back, “He’s a Lab and I’m a Mexican!”. I didn’t, though, because I couldn’t be certain that he was referencing either myself or my dog. Also, it’s not my job to correct all the incorrect phrases uttered by the people I pass every day (though Wes could argue that I don’t always remember that very well).

Walking the dog in the early morning is not all fun. It is very dark outside at 6:30am and there are some majorly creepy dudes in the world. I take comfort, however, in the fact that as Doc gets bigger he looks more fierce (there’s nothing less threatening than a Labrador puppy). Though he is more likely to lick an assailant than injure one, a lurking creep doesn’t know that and so while I’m with my big bad dog I’m safe. Perhaps I should start calling him “Killer” while we’re walking (I think calling him “Vicious Canine With A Temper Who Could Totally Eff You Up If You Mess With Me So Don’t Even Think About Coming Close To Me You Jerk” would be a bit much. It would get the point across, though).

2 thoughts on “He’s a Lab and I’m a Mexican!

  1. I can’t tell you how much this post has me giggling, or how much it makes me miss your dazzling sense of humor. Your puppy is so darn cute!

  2. Thank you! He thinks so too but he’s very serious about it. Sometimes he just looks at me with his soulful Labrador eyes and he seems to say to me, “Mom, you do realize that I’m cute, don’t you?” to which I completely lose it and ust pet him immediately.

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