I’m Out

Hey, guess what?  It’s been so crazy around here, what with the relentless Pregnancy Files updates, that I completely forgot to mention that I’m skipping town for a few days.  Wes and I are going to go hang out in Eastern Washington for awhile, so the blog will be a bit quiet owing to the fact that I have not a laptop and, as such, will have to resort to telling every inane thing that happens to me to some unwitting family member.

Don’t you just wish you could come too?

The good news is, we’re all caught up to where I am in pregnancy so you won’t have to read through the updates every day.  This also means I’m actually going to have to start coming up with content every day again.  Heh.  I’ll ruminate on that all weekend.  I hope you all have a lovely time doing whatever it is you’re doing.  See you on the flip of the vacation!

(A special note to anyone thinking of robbing us while we’re gone…We have a savage, bloodthirsty dog loose on our property who will not hesitate to devour you where you stand.  Also, our neighbors are watching the house for us while we’re gone.  Because they’re awesome.  So, for your own good, stay away.  Please.)

3 thoughts on “I’m Out

  1. Hope you had a good chance to relax and let Squishy grow without stress.

    Also, saw the heat wave hitting Seattle and surrounds, so hope you were far, far away from that.

  2. -Perception, Thank you!

    -Blanche, It was a very stress-free vacation. My biggest worry was trying to figure out whether I wanted to snack on Pringles or Doritos :) Funny enough, it was supposed to hotter where we were than where we live, but the weather pulled a switcheroo on us and gave us cold weather on vacation (where we had an A/C) and kept it sweltering where we live (where there is no A/C). The weather? Is a jerk.

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