I Guess It’s True What They Say About Living Well

The theme of the day: “Another One Bites the Dust” courtesy of Queen. The reason? I just quit my job!

The manager at said job essentially told me yesterday that I have too many things going on in my personal life (like my dog, my Dad having cancer, and my work with Qvisory) and that I have to stop all those things and focus on my job. Yes, he actually recommended that I get rid of Doc so as to focus solely on my job. Don’t even get me started on how he recommended that I handle the situation with my Dad. I reminded him that I am doing my job and he responded by telling me that my job wasn’t enough and that I should be doing more.


I called Wes and we convened an emergency meeting last night in my home office. We ran through the numbers and we decided that I can quit my full-time job. I will continue doing part-time work with Qvisory and then in my spare time look for another job. Let me tell you, when that sunk in I was beaming. I strutted into work this morning, set my purse down, and then walked right over to my manager and told him I had thought about what he said yesterday and reached a decision. I quit and today is my last day.

I have cleaned out my desk, erased any incriminating evidence from my computer, and scheduled a farewell lunch with my office-mates. I feel lighter than I have since November. I have a lot of hope for a manager who doesn’t think that I am company property and for a job that isn’t completely futile.

I put some thought into leaving a legacy here at my old job. It’s been so completely unpleasant and oppressive that I have a strong desire to give something back. My top two legacy ideas were to either leave jumbo shrimp in the air ducts of my manager’s office (just think of what all that warm air would do to them) or to change the company description on the job boards of the school we recruit from. I was thinking of changing it to, “If you want to work grueling hours for average pay and work for a boss who thinks that work and life are only balanced when there’s no life at all, this is the place for you!”.

I won’t do either of those things but the thought of them makes me smile. When I mentioned these to Wes last night he quoted “You can tell the contempt of a foe by their deeds on the battlefield” and then said that my maniacal laughter indicated that I held my manager in high contempt. He may have been onto something. Regardless, I won’t sabotage anything but I will leave and I think that’s revenge enough.

They will have a very hard time replacing me and I think that the fact that seven people have left since the start of the year will speak volumes to the remaining employees. As for me, I’m off to new adventures and living well.

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