I Heart Dexter

This is my official love letter to the first season of Dexter.  I mentioned the show in an earlier post, something about how awesome it is, but now I really want to be clear: This show is unique.  It’s well-written, has an interesting premise, skilled actors/actresses, and a storyline that as yet to go careening off the rails into lunacy.  We’ll see how that goes in a few more seasons, however.

I really hope they don’t muck this one up.  Goodness knows they butchered Heroes, and Lost was terrific until the plot grew more convoluted than the synapse bundles of an Alzheimer’s patient.  Bones was lame for the first season but the second season was terrific.  The third season is bizarre, however, and contains one of the most awful and unwelcome plot twists ever conceived in Hollywood.  So, I guess Bones joins the list too, though with only one redeeming season to its name.

It just seems like so many shows start out mind-blowingly good, but then as time wears on (and producers approve more seasons) writers start pulling desperate plot lines out of their you-know-whats to manufacture suspense/interest/drama. 

On the other end of the spectrum is Firefly, which was a-freaking-mazing and didn’t even get the courtesy of a full season.  Why they cancelled that show is beyond me, when it was so clearly a pinnacle of TV writing excellence.  It just goes to show you: Don’t get attached, because you never know if your parents will let you keep it.

Anyway, Dexter.  Is very very good.  The show is about a sociopath who was rescued from a traumatic childhood by a caring man who recognized the boy was a sociopath and drilled into his head a moral code to live by.  The show is about his constant struggle to master his urges by following this code.

As a psych student, I can tell you it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of a sociopath.  I’m not an expert (I focused my studies much more on depression) but from what I learned in my four years at an institute of higher learning it’s a decent representation.  If you’re lacking in shows with which to bide your time, and you don’t happen to mind gore, then I highly recommend you take a slice of this pie.  It’s good, and excellent when served with ice cream.

4 thoughts on “I Heart Dexter

  1. Keep watching Bones – if only for the oncoming parade of misfit assistants who replace Zack. Don’t get me started on this past season’s finale: decent idea but much suckage as a season ender.

    Also, Bones-Firefly connection: the actress who plays Cam is Willow’s teacher in the movie “Serenity”.

  2. -Blanche, We’ll probably watch more Bones, but you’re right, the season finale was AWFUL. I did notice that Cam was on Serenity as well, small world huh?

  3. -Konstantin, Well, I update about 4X/week. I’m not sure how much more information I’ll be providing on the first season of Dexter though. I think I’ve said all I can say on the matter.

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